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Sara Willis @Saraurora / A Tiny Announcement…
« on: August 01, 2013, 01:00:06 am »
A Tiny Announcement…
31 July 2013, 5:36 pm



Isn’t the weather…just…ugh?

No the sun being out is nice, I’m just not a fan of heat. Makes me laugh when everyone’s like “omggggg it’s sewwwww hawt! It’s 30!” that’s average in ol’ Espana mate, calm down. Come back when you’re saying it’s 48.


Some LOVELY fan (*cough* hi Viggo *cough*) bought me lots of sweet making equipment and a sweet making recipe book.

You should know by now that I’m a masssssive fan of baking and cooking, so I was really happy when this recipe book came through the post. I’ve already tried one of the recipes and tweaked it a bit to make peppermint lollipops. I was so chuffed when they came out like actual lollipops! I expected to have made some kind of cock up along the way but they worked and the peppermint was nice and subtle. I was so happy!

I also made some raspberry lollipops. They were so nice! I couldn’t get much raspberry juice from my raspberries (which smelt like popcorn when they were boiling, weird) so had to tweak the recipe a bit. But luckily they came out great.

I tried to make mint humbugs but the less said about them the better to be honest. I completely fucked the recipe up and they didn’t come out right. They were just little peppermint boiled sweets. Bah!

Some of you might have seen my lil announcement on Twitter the other day.

I’m quitting the modelling “biz”. I won’t be modelling for any other company or site (except maybe Pinupfiles just because I love them) anymore and I’ll be phasing out the camming. I’m keeping this site going though, I still have tonnes of content and will continue making content until you guys get bored haha

I’m going to get a “normal” job like a proper grown up. I’ll probably hate it and want to quit within a week but I’ll give it a good go!

Just to clarify the site IS staying. THE SITE IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE.



Love you x

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Sara Willis @Saraurora / Macaron
« on: June 24, 2013, 01:00:16 pm »
24 June 2013, 7:21 am

DSC_0552Well hello

Sorry it’s been so long but I’ve been busy. Well sporadically busy. That and the fact I was almost certain nobody was reading these posts so I gave up bothering writing them.

BUT somebody came on Streamate the other night and mentioned them so this one is for you young squire x

I’m now living back in the UK.

Sharing a little flat with my besty. Tis alright.

It’s odd being back home. I’m really adaptable so I feel at home anywhere very quickly but it’s odd getting used to being back in the UK. Like I’m still struggling with crossing the road…Sounds dumb but it’s true! I’ve spent nearly two years paying no attention whatsoever to crossing a road. No lights, no waiting, etc. So to come back to all these diff crossroads and lights and signals and traffic…It’s disorientating.

And money. Jesus. It took me AGES to get used to thinking in Sterling again.

Man alive this is interesting huh?

You probably just wanna hear about the girly sleepovers I’ve been having. You know where we all watch Maid in Manhattan, eat ice cream while crying and then comfort each other afterwards. Wipe our tears away then gently brush each others boobs before having an orgy on the couch? Right?



I took an Indian cooking course when I got here. Learnt to cook like 5 dishes and make my own naan breads. It all tasted amazing even if I do say so myself. It’s no surprise it tasted amazing, I mean *I* made it. It couldn’t have come out any less than amazing. Hurr hurr hurr.




I went to visit my parents in France last weekend. Took a ferry. A ferry that took almost 7 fucking hours to arrive. Ridiculous. My fat arse was numb by the time we arrived. I had a nice meal though; poulet (Which I’m pretty sure is French for chicken), mash and veg with a pepper sauce/gravy/thing. Delish. Just a shame it cost me a tenner.

Oh look I’m writing about food again. NUTTIN CHANGES EH?

Anyway. I fell in love as soon as I stepped on the ferry with one of the greeter men. He was beautiful and French. Then when we docked (?) I fell in love about 9 times as all the cleaners walked by. Man ALIVE does France have some fucking beautiful men.

My parents were late picking me up as per. It’s like they don’t realise who I am? They should. I’m fucking famous, I’m a megastar. I deserve the VIP treatment, they should have been early. Mugs.

DSC_0544Anyway. They brought my babies (well MY baby and my brother’s baby) (yes I still refer to Nigel as my baby, fuck off) (I’m allowed) and Nigel has G R O W N. He leapt up and smashed my chin a few times. He’s like 35kg now and longer than I am. I clearly subconsciously picked him to compensate for my height. A bit like when men with baby dicks buy themselves a Ferrari to compensate for their lack of trousersnake.

France was lush. I loved it. It was such a chilled little trip, the weather was perfect – rainy yet warm. Poifick.



IMG-20130617-03492They didn’t have their belongings when I arrived (they’d literally moved in that morning I got there) so they didn’t have a TV the entire time I was there, and no net/signal. So I was able to properly get away from everything and everything. Think a few things through. Make some decisions (that I’d later piss all over as usual). Spent my time eating, playing archery with my brother, chopping wood with my Dad (fo reelz) and chatting to my Madre. Played with the dogs. Chatted to some cows and their calves. Accidentally spoke Spanish to nearly every French person I came into contact with. That was fun.

We went to this big supermarket, I was at the till about to pay and she handed me a bag. In my head I went to say gracias, then bonjour then merci but my mouth made a noise like “mooo-more”. Good stuff!

French patisseries.





IMG-20130616-03477I must have eaten about 30 macarons (no joke, you should know I have an insatiable appetite for sweet things) during the 3 days I was there (I’m not counting the 2 days of travelling, it’s pointless). This one patisserie sold them fresh, and I mean FRESH, they were perfect. Absolutely perfect. My favourite flavour was the raspberry ones. And lemon. Yum.

I had the best chocolate eclair I’ve ever had in my life there too. The filling wasn’t what we have over here – it was like the texture of buttercream icing but tasted fresh like cream. No idea what it was. The pastry was so light and fluffy too. UGHHHH GIMME ONE NOW!

This blog is pretty much just about food isn’t it? Oh well.

I can’t think of anything else to say now. I’ve had loads to say, but it’s all disappeared into Nevercomingbackland.


Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaara x

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Sara Willis @Saraurora / Iamstrugglingtothinkupawittytitle
« on: April 21, 2013, 07:01:37 pm »
4 April 2013, 10:24 am

Hey hey hey

I’ve finally got a move in date! Woohoo! Everything is now booked, paid for and I’m ready to roll. Almost…

I’m still really hesitant. I’m equally excited but I’ve mentioned before about how I want to cocoon my little family and hide them away so I don’t want to leave them.


I AM SO EXCITED. All I really need to do now is organise a collection/delivery date for my stuff and buy a bed. Oddly enough the bed part is the hardest.

You’d think buying a bed would be simple. It’s not. I’ve never bought a bed. I don’t know what bed I want. Do I want a double? Kingsize? Go all out and get a queen? Do I want a divan? A headboard? A futon? A four poster? Do I want it in grey? Or champagne? Leather? Suede? Wood? Oak? Pine? Mahogany? Iron? Vintage? An Argos £100 special? Or a treat myself £1,200 beauty? A Disney Princess bed? One with drawers? One without drawers?

Then I have the joy of trying to get it delivered on time. I arrive too late in the day to just go and get one and my friend doesn’t have much holiday to spare to take off and wait for a delivery. So I need to find a shop that lets me choose my delivery date.

Why is it so hard? Why am I so picky? Why can’t I make simple decisions? Woe is me right? RIGHT?

In other news I’m due to get Nigel’s bollocks lopped off before my departure. Which will be fun considering we live an hour’s walk away from the vet and no longer have a car…And he’s hardly a Jack Russell so carrying him home is kinda out the question. Unless one of you can easily lift a 31kg dog? If so, will you fly over and carry him home? I might invest in a wheelbarrow. He’ll be sedated and sleepy after his op so I can fill it with pillows, plonk him in and wheel him home. Actually that’s a pretty good idea. Will give me a great workout too as there’s a few hills to go up/down.

I’d like to announce something amazing, slightly scary and massively shocking. You better be sitting down: I haven’t drank any Coke for about 5 days. None.

I kind of went on a bender. I fell off the wagon of 1 glass a day. I couldn’t help myself, I’d had a really stressful week, things were playing on my mind and I needed to blot it out somehow and Coke was my only option. None of you understand how good that can feels in your warm sweaty hands when it’s so cold it’s wet. It feels like God has reached down from Heaven and placed a tin angel in your palms. Then when you open it you get that beautiful cracking sound and the ffssst noise as it opens. It sprays you a little but you don’t care because it’s such a glorious moment. Then you take that first glug and it’s oh so cold and so refreshing. A bit burny because there’s so many bubbles but it’s a pleasurable burn. Then you have a little hiccup because of said bubbles and everything wrong in the world seems right. There is no good or evil, only sweet nothing and you feel at one with the Universe. Life if peaceful. Then you take another sip, and another, and another. Til it’s gone. And the can is empty. And so is your heart. You feel sad. Then the sugar rush kicks in and everything is a bit floaty and bouncy til it wears off and the nothingness returns. So you buy another can just to relive the sweet sweet joy in hearing that ffssst noise once more…

I need serious psychological help.

I basically had about 6 cans in one day and woke up the next day with a migraine so bad it fucked me over for 2 days. So I decided that I probably shouldn’t do that again and swore off Coke for a bit.

It’s a bit awkward now isn’t it? I should probably mention my boobs. My boobs are big.

I quite enjoy blogging now. I used it as my little venting area. It stops me punching people. It’s therapy. You are my therapist.

One thing I could punch people over is when they start questioning me and my job. Mainly WHEN I do my job. And by job I mean camming. Nearly everyone who questions never has a clue about camming and has never cammed. So already when they start questioning I’m pissed off because they jump to conclusions.

“I don’t get why you don’t cam all day and then quit” Ok. First off. What. Secondly. Ha.

As much as I enjoy it it IS draining, sometimes you’ll get someone in who opens up to you and you sit there talking to them for nearly two hours. The conversation isn’t all “ooh I want to cum on your shoulder blades bb” these conversations are real, genuine and deep. Some stick with me for a very long time and completely change my outlook on things. And I don’t mean in a negative way, far from it. But it’s draining. It’s also, for me, physically tiring. My shows obviously centre around my boobs. They’re heavy. And I mean HEAVY. So after an hour’s worth of jiggling and massaging my arms ache. I don’t want to put on a half arsed show for people because my arms are tired. People are paying for a show, they’re getting a fucking show. To me, working all day will affect that. I’ll be tired, pissed off and aching and these guys won’t get what they’re paying for which isn’t fair. And it’s not just me either. I have so much respect for those girls who can wank themselves off for 12hrs a day. I don’t know how they do it. I really don’t.

Then there’s the earning aspect of it. I KNOW what hours work for me. I’ve built up a list of “regulars”. They know roughly when I’ll be on. Just because SquirtingJane can make $400 at midday doesn’t mean I will. And I don’t. My best hours are early mornings, late afternoons and evenings around 8-11pm. So I stick to those times. It works. For ME.

This is another reason why I adore @BritishBrooke so much, she’s the ONLY one who understands where I’m coming from.


Ohhh :(  my coffee is cold. Waah.

Oh! You know how I’ve been into films lately? I’ve watched a few more since I last did my mini reviews.

Snow White & the Huntsman: Surprisingly good. DullFace only had a few speaking lines so she didn’t annoy me like she did in Twillight. And I fell in love with Chris Hemsworth. Charlize Theron was so good too, she’s so beautiful I could cry. The dwarves were brilliant too, I’d def watch again.

The Great & Wonderful Oz (I think I made that title up tbh, I can’t remember the actual name): So good! I really loved it, and I HATE The Wizard of Oz. The little china doll is so cute! And anything with James Franco in a top hat gets my thumbs up. Plus Mila Kunis is in it <3

Gangster Squad: Dull. Switched off after 30mins even though the Gosling was in it. Weird.

New Year’s Eve: OH MY GOD. I was after something mind numbing to be honest but it turned out to be a pretty good little film. I cried throughout the last 20mins and I’m now fully in love with Zac Efron.

The Lucky One: I only watched this because it had Zac Efron in it. It was alright. Nothing special.

21 and Over: I watched an abysmal copy. And I mean ABYSMAL. Every 10 mins we had to squint to make out vague facial features but even then it was a pretty good film. Was quite funny but not being able to see every now and then meant you missed a lot of the jokes. I’ll def have to get the DVD.

And with that I’m gone.

Oh PS. Before I go, a little bit of plugging

Instagram: saraurora1

Facebook: OfficialSaraWillis

Twitter: @saraurora

Streamate: BustySara34HH


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Sara Willis @Saraurora / Assumptions and Judgements
« on: April 21, 2013, 07:01:37 pm »
Assumptions and Judgements
4 April 2013, 8:52 am


I read this article (please read it before reading the rest of this blog) this morning and it annoyed me. Not for the reasons you probably think but because I know what other people’s reactions will be.

I posted it on Twitter to see if I was right, and lo and behold I was. She was labelled a “monster” and people pitied the children.

I for one don’t see how she is a monster. She actually raised her children, without the aid of nannies which a lot of women depend on, and seems to have done a good job. I’ve lost count of the amount of “women” who have left me thinking “You don’t deserve those kids” because their “parenting” skills have left a lot to be desired. Not once did I think she doesn’t deserve her children.

She admits in the article that she felt no maternal bond with her kids but still loves them and that she never wanted children but had them because she didn’t want to deprive her husband of being a father. How does that make her a monster? Just because she has a womb she must automatically want and bond with everything that comes out of it? It’s pathetic and so fucking hypocritical.

So many men say they didn’t want their children and cry that they were “trapped”. They do fuck all for their children, nothing, they don’t even buy a pack of poxy nappies. Yet this woman gave up most of her life to raise her children and be a stay at home mum. And she’s still caring for her daughter too, at the end of the article she says how her daughter developed Multiple Sclerosis and how she has become her full time carer.

I guess people are right. What a terrible person, what an absolute monster. Disgusting.

And those poor kids. My God, how unloved her daughter must feel being cared for by her own mother in the comfort of her own home.

And I can bet that most people calling her a monster didn’t bother to read past the fucking title of the article. Because people see one thing and jump to ridiculous conclusions.

They’re hypocrites too. Because it wasn’t so long ago that I read and shared an article about a “mother” who had a severely Autistic son. From her article she made it quite clear that she resented him just breathing the same air she did, in fact all the article seemed to be was one long tale of woe about how her perfect life was ruined by her son who couldn’t help the fact he had a disability. In the end she gave her son up, she sent him away to a boarding school/care home. On one hand I think it was for the best as maybe now her son will get the care and attention she clearly felt was beneath her to give. But on the other I see it as a cop out.

But the response she got was insane. She was labelled a “perfect mother”, a saint, people felt for her, people “understood”. What the fuck is there to “understand” about a woman who resents her Autistic son because his disability shattered her perfect world?

Why isn’t she being labelled a monster? Oh because she doesn’t utter the words “I WISH I NEVER HAD HIM”? Ok. Makes sense.

So a woman who admits she never wanted children gives up her life to raise and care for her children is labelled a monster yet a woman who moans about how fat she got while trying to “care” for her disabled son is labelled a saint? Awesome. What a fantastic world we live in.

This is the reason I am always so hesitant to say I DON’T THINK I WANT CHILDREN. Because God forbid I get labelled a “monster” for admitting what I’m pretty sure half the female population thinks. You think every single one of your mothers wanted you initially? People grow to accept their situations, grow to love unwanted children. They just don’t have the balls to say it out loud that they were never WANTED. Instead some let it fester, it simmers into something else. They don’t treat their children right, they pass on issues and insecurities, they leave their marks. I can’t help but think that maybe, just maybe if some women were a little bit more honest these children would understand why Mum doesn’t hug them, why Mum doesn’t always say “I love you” and why Mum doesn’t come running when they cry. It certainly doesn’t make them a monster or a bad person.

And why is it that only men are allowed to admit it? That they’re the only ones allowed to say they weren’t ready or that they never wanted kids? Why do people assume that not wanting your child in the first place means that they don’t love that child?

I know for a fact my Mum didn’t WANT either of us, and while she might not realise it she certainly wasn’t ready to be a mother but does that mean she didn’t grow to love us? If you genuinely think that I have no time for you. Sure she might not show it in the same way as other mothers do, sure she only started saying “I love you” about 5 years ago, sure she still doesn’t comfort us, sure she still struggles to hug us, but are people really that moronic to think that all of this means she doesn’t love us or that she should be labelled a monster and people should pity us? Please. She would kill, fight anyone and starve for us. And that far outweighs the lack of cuddles and maternal bonds.

Maybe if people could look past all this bullshit that every woman must want children otherwise there is something wrong with her, they would see that Isabella isn’t a monster in the slightest. She’s more of a mother than most like to think they are.

That’s my two cents (well, it was more like a fiver but I don’t do things by halves)…What’s yours?

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Sara Willis @Saraurora / I Wrote This The Other Week
« on: April 21, 2013, 07:01:36 pm »
I Wrote This The Other Week
4 April 2013, 8:40 am

Word to your mums/mams/moms,

I haven’t been doing anything to really report to be honest.

I’ve rediscovered my skill for eating family sized bags of crisps in one sitting which is great for everything bar my waistline which seems to be disappearing with every crisp. I’m kind of annoyed but then I kind of don’t care.

I’ve mentioned it before in other blogs about how…confused I am when it comes to weightloss/gain. I’m not normal. And I’m completely normal. And it’s forever a battle.

It’s like there’s two Saras: One is the girl who idolised the big bummed curvy girls in Snoop Dogg videos, and the other is the girl who grew up with people constantly vying to be thin and skinny.

So whenever I lose or gain weight I can never decide whether I’m happy or sad. And it’s annoying.

I feel the same when I try on jeans that won’t fit over my arse – there’s one side of me that jumps for joy that my load is that wide they’re stuck on my thighs while the other side is mentally ticking off the ways to force myself into Anorexia (I’m joking, please don’t send me choco actually I’m being serious. Send chocolate. It’s the only way out).

This has gone off on a weight related tangent.

It wasn’t intended. Now I’m craving Milka, jamon Ruffles, lemon cake and more Milka. Fucking hell.


I don’t think I’ve mentioned it for a while but I’m doing regular (regular for me, irregular for the world) shows on Streamate now. I’ve started to really enjoy my shows – not that I didn’t before, but I’ve got to know a lot of the guys on there now and they’re all lovely which makes it fun. If you’re ever bored then come and see if I’m online: Streamate

I’m off now to catch up on my shit tv, right now Real Housewives of Atlanta is buffering. I love RHOA, almost as much as the Housewives of Beverly Hills. My faves are Phaedra and Nene. I love Nene now, I used to HATE her. I recommend everyone watches and we use my blogs as a “forum” where we discuss these shittyyetawesome shows. You in? You are?! YAY!

On a serious note I will need EVERY SINGLE ONE of you to watch Scandal. It’s not a reality show before you all skim past this bit, it’s just…Amazing.

I watched American Pie: The Reunion the other night. I enjoyed it, I thought it was better than the wedding one.

I’m gone.

Bye x

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Sara Willis @Saraurora / March Musings
« on: April 21, 2013, 07:01:35 pm »
March Musings
8 March 2013, 2:01 pm



Been a funny few weeks.

I can’t remember my last blog and to be honest I can’t be bothered to go and see what it was about so if I repeat myself ever so sorry. Nobody reads these anyway so I’m sorry to myself. It’s ok Sara, I forgive you.

That sounds a bit mental doesn’t it?

I genuinely think I have lost it a bit over the past few weeks. I’m pretty sure I’ve said I’m moving back to the UK in previous blogs and I’m currently trying to organise said move.

I’ve moved 27 times in my life so you’d think I’d be somewhat of a pro at it. I’ve moved abroad too. I’ve packed my life up twenty seven times. I’ve done it alone. I’ve done it with family. I moved to new towns. I’ve moved to Uni. I’ve moved in with a boy. I made the actual move to Spain alone, I flew out here by myself as my parents were driving over and due to some issues with their hire van (…Long story short but THREE vans all broke down…) they had to postpone their trip by a day. SO you’d think moving back to live with my friend would be a fucking doddle.


I’ve been going a bit mental. I’ve spent days in bed eating my worries. Then I’ll have days like today where I’ll spend my days in the sun…but still eating my worries. I swear to God by the time my moving date comes around I’ll be a fucking heifer. Should probably add a “lol” or “haha” before people think I’m genuinely suicidal. Calm down, I get like this. You should know me by now to know not to take I’m totally rambling now. Back to the point. I think the reason I’m stressing so much is because I don’t actually have a set date. I don’t know when I’m coming or going. I just know where haha.

Having a date would make all this bullshit so much fucking easier. I’d have a point to work towards. Right now I’m just earning for…SOME DAY THAT WILL CONFIRMED SOON. It’s winding me up. Once I know when I’m going I can book a van, pack, book a flight, tell my friend to get the kettle on, the red carpet laid and the chocolate Hobnobs opened and laid out prettily on a plate in preparation for my arrival.

Let’s talk about something super fun and interesting. Hmm. I can’t blog about fun stuff. I don’t see the point. Blogs are for ranting/venting aren’t they? And I’m funnier when I’m angry.

I downloaded my @saraurora Twitter history the other week. It went back to 2010 but I’ve been on Twitter since 2009 (my old name was prinnyaurora in case any of you wondered). It was weird reading it to be honest. And sad. I was SO depressed in 2010 it’s ridiculous, yet I was fucking HILARIOUS. Here’s some titbits:

Oct 29 2010: “After Christmas I plan on getting back in the saddle, relearning how to play drums and starting salsa lessons. FIT!”

None of that happened.

Oct 27 2010: “I need more cheese. My one regret is not putting more cheese chunks in this soup.”

Mmm cheese.

Nov 29 2010: “Carefully positioning the Twitter window so my boss can’t see my background.”


Nov 24 2010: “I scraped my hand up after coming VERY close to stacking it down the station steps :’(”

What? I fell over? I almost NEVER fall over…Apparently I’ve tweeted that I’ve fallen over 19 times since 2010. Excellent.

It’s International Women’s Day today. Over the past year or so I’ve become more…women-friendly. Not in the way you’re all thinking but I’m starting to stop being so “anti” women. I think it’s because I’ve started surrounding myself/communicating with WOMEN I respect and appreciate and stopped associating with GIRLS. I know people go “There’s no difference” but to me there’s a big difference between a girl who will sit there slagging you off the second you leave the table and a woman who will come to you and tell you her issue with you without the need for it to become an argument.

I used to be so anti-women, seriously. I’d assume they were all the same: bitchy, two faced, whingey, etc. because I’d been burnt so often by “friends”. Then I realised I CHOSE these girls to be what I called friends. It was my fault for surrounding myself with these fucking morons, so I cut them out of my life. Stopped contacting them, stopped chasing them, stopped making any sort of effort, stopped worrying about their opinions and made new friends.

So, today, I want to give a little shout out to the women who have helped me (some unknowingly) over the past few months/years. I haven’t met all of them but in one way or another, whether it’s just retweeting a link to something that’s hit home with me or buying me 5 bars of Galaxy, they’ve helped me get through some shit.

If you want a decent read/sex tips/want to book some sexy little dates then check out @candiebbee‘s blog and her escort agency She doesn’t know it but her words, blogs and Tweets were partly behind me gaining the strength the end an abusive and shitty relationship. It’s crazy to think how someone can have such a huge effect on your life when 1. you’ve never met them and 2. they have NO idea what they’ve done for/to you. She also introduced me to Scandal AKA the best show in the world.

If you want to follow a woman with class AND intelligence AND a sense of humour then follow @christiana1987. I started following her after stumbling across her old blogs, she’s an amazing writer and even though I don’t always agree with what she writes she puts her point across so well that I just want to reach through the screen and give her the biggest high five in the world. She introduced me to Miguel.

You should already be following @britishbrooke anyway but you can check her out (and help fund a fellow Disaronno and Pot Noodle addict) online at I honestly couldn’t even start telling you how she’s helped me. She’s been there for me through so much, she opened my eyes to what was really going on in so many situations, has taught me the dumbest yet funniest things, invited me into her home and cooked me a mean pasta dish AND has the BEST stories in the world. She’s honestly amazing and I love her. She reintroduced me to LIFE.

I know most of you are already well aware of her but follow @xleannecrowx too. She’s hilarious, lovely and she’s got alright boobs for a flat chested woman. She put me up for a few days in LA as you know and surprised me by how genuine and just fucking NICE she is. Introduced me to Disaronno.

My Mum deserves a little shout out. I Tweet about her a lot, she’s ridiculous. I don’t want to say she’s dumb as that’s mean but to say she’s…intellectually challenged is an understatement. But she’s hilarious with it. I don’t think she will ever live down asking whether dinosaur ended with “a or e?”. Introduced me to…well…the world and you.

I think that’s everyone.

That’s me done for today. I’m going to watch Silent Hill Revelations. Or Resolutions. Something beginning with R.

I am so into watching films lately. Here’s my brief reviews of some I’ve seen:

Lawless: Amazing and wank-worthy.

Lincoln: Amazing, I cried.

Mama: Crap. (Jordan, do NOT even ATTEMPT to argue with me on this. It IS shit)

Sinister: Not scary in the slightest. I’d forgotten Kevin Bacon existed.

House At The End Of The Street: Alright, nothing special. Jennifer Lawrence is fit.

Bridesmaids: Not as funny as everyone made out but worth a watch.

The Notebook: Watchable. I still don’t understand the massive hype. Surprisingly didn’t cry.

Tower Block: Not to be confused with Attack The Block (like I did). Surprised me. Was quite good, would watch again. HELLO KANO AND JAMES O’CONNOR.

End of Watch: Good. I cried.


Seven Psycopaths: I shouldn’t really include this as I turned it off after 20mins but that should tell you a lot.

Django Unchained: AMAZING. I don’t normally enjoy Jamie Foxx’s acting so I was shocked by how much I enjoyed watching him. Kerry Washington…JesusMary&Joseph…Perfection.

Taken 2: Should never have happened.

Ok I’m going.

Bye x

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Sara Willis @Saraurora / Bah
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3 February 2013, 3:27 pm


Hope everyone likes the new site! I love it.

I went home for a week recently and had so much fun.

I stayed with the beautiful British Brooke and had such a lovely time. She’s quickly become one of my closest friends!

We went for a spa day courtesy of one of our lovely fans Viggo. It was amazing, I’ve never been to a spa before and I really enjoyed myself. There was a heat and ice experience which felt amazing. Our favourite parts were the menthol scented steam room, the crystal saune, the ice water bucket shower and the ice cave.

We weren’t allowed cameras in the actual spa area but we managed to sneak a few naughty photos in!

As most of you know I struggle with psoriasis and all the chlorine (we went for a quick swim and then chilled in the jacuzzi for a bit) fucked my skin up big time. I’ve never been in so much pain with it! But luckily I’d remembered to pack my cream which helped relieve the pain a little bit.

When we were back at Brooke’s we spent the next couple of days chilling, talking utter bollocks, eating Pot Noodles and chocolate, drinking Disaronno & Coke and watching awful reality tv.

Then I had to leave to go to London :(  I was so sad! But she was a good Mum and made me a packed lunch for the train haha

I was really wary of staying in London. I’m a wimp and get scared easily so was so paranoid about where to stay. I had a super early flight home so needed somewhere near the Gatwick Express. The room was…just a room basically! It was an odd little hotel. I’d recommend it though if like me you just needed a ROOM near the station/Express. It was certainly better than a fucking Holiday Inn…Last time I stayed in one of those in LDN I heard some guy getting attacked outside my door. It was fucking awful and just added to my paranoia tbh.


I had a brilliant time in LDN. I finally met up with my friend Bui, we’ve been chatting for a few years now but never got the opportunity to actually meet up so was lovely to finally do it! Then I went for a little shop. Which turned into a medium shop. I was good though! I didn’t let it turn into a big shop, which it too easily could have.

This trip back home was so much more enjoyable than my last trip. I had time to relax and remember why I felt homesick. I only had a few of the typical upsets/troubles I get myself into but they didn’t ruin the entire “holiday”. I don’t know if it was premature homesickness or a mix of that, oncoming illness, tiredness or fed up with being stuck on a runway for 4hrs but I cried for most of my flight home and for most of Saturday when I got back! I realised that I DEFINITELY want to move back to the UK. Even if it’s just temporary while I sort other stuff out, I need to be back.

Sooo that’s whats my next plan is – plotting my move back!

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Sara Willis @Saraurora / Hello LA
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Hello LA
21 December 2012, 11:56 am


I’m back home now after my amaaaazing trip to Cali.

I didn’t write any blogs or anything while I was there so now I have to try and remember everything that happened :/ I’m not exactly known for my memory lately so this might be a bit hard. I took LOTS of photos though so even if I can only remember “I went shopping one day and did a shoot the next day” then at least you can enjoy them ha!

Hmm. Where to start, where to start. OMG the actual journey there! HA! What a fucking MESS that was. Jesus. I nearly missed TWO of my flights. I had 3 separate flights as my nearest airport is super small and only has a few flights a day and none direct to the US so my trip had to be broken down which was annoying.

I got to Madrid fine and dandy but after spending an hour and a half poncing about trying to get credit for my phone I realised I was not only in the wrong area of the terminal but in the wrong fucking terminal full stop! I had like less than an hour to make it to the departure gate and had to get a train shuttle thing there. I made it JUST in time as the last few passengers were boarding and the sign said final call. I was SO lucky that I noticed when I did, just 5mins later and I’d have missed it.

I had both seats completely to myself though and had tonnes of leg room (not that I need it with my stumpy legs but still) and was able to stretch out and relax. I stupidly didn’t sleep on the flight when really I should have as it probably would have stopped my jetlag! Anyway the food was surprisingly nice, there was no onflight entertainment which I found a bit odd so I managed to read an entire book on that flight. I felt really proud of myself when I finished it and wanted to stand up and shout “Hey! I finished this entire book before we even landed! Yay!” but they were all Spanish so I didn’t bother.

The flight was actually REALLY empty, I’m assuming it’s because Spain is on it’s arse and nobody can afford to fly to america. But it was odd to see such a huge plane with half the seats empty, seemed almost pointless and a waste.

I landed in New York and was so excited to be there! It was night time and raining so I saw fuck all but still, I was in New York (kind of)!

I needed to check in again and get my boarding pass so once I checked my luggage in I went to queue up. There were SO many people complaining and arguing with the staff about the problems with queueing and missing their flights. One girl was saying she missed her flight as even though she had her booking details they couldn’t find her booked on the flight! And 3 English guys missed their flight because they’d had to queue up to get their passes.

I only had 2 hours to get my pass and to the gate so I was kind of panicking as the queue was huge and there wasn’t many staff at the check in desks. I was there for over 45mins and there was still about 10 people in front of me so I gave up and asked someone for help. Thankfully he was a little angel and took me to the front, got my pass and ran me down to security giving me directions on how toget to my gate. I RAN for my little life to the gate, I literally had like 20mins to get there and it was AGES away. It was so embarrassing, my boobs were jumping around EVERYWHERE while I ran and people were staring and laughing. SO EMBARRASSING. I made it and nearly collapsed on the floor. I was so out of breath, sweating and looked an utter state. Then I looked to my left and saw this absolutely BEAUTIFUL man… -_-

I was SO relieved to finally land at LAX but had aggro trying to get to Leanne (Crow). The taxi guy had no idea where she lived and he had to ring her to get directions haha.

I FINALLY got to hers after travelling for almost 23hrs and wanted to collapse in her lovely boobs and sleep for a week. I didn’t though, I was good! Ha!

I was really nervous about meeting her, Wendy (Fiore) and Leanne’s friend Channelle as I’d never met them before and had no idea what they were like bar what I’d seen online. But they were all so nice and lovely! Leanne and Channelle are just fucking hilarious, they’re so funny. They remind me of my brother and I – just cracking up at the most pointless stuff. I love people like that. And Wendy is beautiful, she’s so nice and open. I love her!

The first night we just stayed up chatting then the next day I went with Wendy for breakfast and then to her photoshoot. You’ll all be very jealous to know that I saw her posing in some very skimpy outfits. BWAHAHA! She’s such an amazing model, she looked fantastic and I’ve seen a few of the finished photos from that day and they look just as amazing.

We went for dinner after but I could only muster two slices of pizza as I suddenly felt really, really ill.

I felt better by the time we’d got back and was able to get in the hottub with the girls for a lil drink. I didn’t bring any bikinis with me so had to borrow Leanne’s which was a bit big haha seriously her boobs are SO round and humungous looking. I think she’s a full cup size bigger than me, I think she’s like 32JJ.

Anyway we had fun in the hottub til the mean guard man made us get out :(

Then on Tuesday, the next day, Leanne and I shot with and for Leanne’s website. It was so much fun to work with those guys again, I love them! This time round I wasn’t walking around with a despressed cloud over my head nor did I have a big pile of misery following me so I was able to actually relax and enjoy myself. I loved my hair and make up too, I don’t wear hardly any make up and normally I feel REALLY clogged up and heavy on my face when I get my make up done but she was amazing and it felt so light and natural. Anyway I did a few seasonal sets for PinUp and then did a video with baby oil and a glass table. That’s all I’m saying! You’ll LOVE it! Then I did a set with Leanne, you’ve probably seen some photos that I’ve retweeted on Twitter, they look SO good! We did a video too and at one point I was sat on the couch while Leanne was kneeling on it. I was THIS close to getting whacked in the face by her boob!!

After we had finished I got picked up by my webmaster, Matt and drove down to San Diego.

The next day, Wed, we…Erm…OH! I went shopping for some outfits! I got some really nice stuff, including a Xmas outfit and some gorgeous shoes. I may have spent a bit too much so shh. We shot in my hotel room and got some really good sets! I had so much fun shooting with Matt and can’t wait to see all the pics.

On Thursday we went to shoot at a studio. It was a funny little place, from outside it didn’t look much cop and I wasn’t expecting it to be any better inside but it was actually really good! They had some great stuff there and I’m really happy with the stuff we did. I think my fave set is going to be the one in a blue dress OR the beige lingerie set. Argh! I’m so excited, I want to see all of them! We went for lunch at this deli and I had this amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing pulled pork sandwich. I want one right now. Omg.

Oh god Friday we shot on the beach. I was SO cold even wrapped in this thick fluffy blanket. I don’t like waves, I get really scared by them if they’re quite big and the sea that day was pretty choppy. The tide was in and while I was posing on these rocks the waves were getting bigger and the tide was getting even closer and closer so I felt a teeeeeny bit nervous haha! We went to shoot on these wooden stairs and we got a really nice set on them so I can’t wait to see them! We shot there again on Saturday morning and got some more stuff. I think you guys are going to love all of them!

I had most of Saturday off so after lunch I went in the hottub and chilled for a bit before doing my Christmas shopping. I managed to find some trousers that not only went over my hips but were able to be done up! I was so chuffed! Granted they’re not PROPER trousers (they’re more like jodphurs tbh) but still! They got over my hips and arse! WOO! I bought way too much stuff though as I had a serious struggle repacking my case (I’d stupidly packed BEFORE I went shopping, not a good idea).

I had such hassle on the way home (LAX couldn’t print my boarding passes, my JFK to Madrid flight was delayed by 6hrs and had hassle sorting my connections out, aggro with JFK staff, queues upon queues and being stranded at my home airport for 2hrs) that it was pretttty damn obvious I wasn’t supposed to have left LA. I get the hint, I’m supposed to live there. Which is why I’m looking into a visa seriously…BWAHAHA


Anyway that’s my LA story/diary/blog/mismatch of information/ramblings.

I’ll be posting photos I took along the way soon :D


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Sara Willis @Saraurora / “It’s ok, you can trust me”
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“It’s ok, you can trust me”
21 December 2012, 10:27 am

[singlepic id=2956 w=320 h=240 float=left]…Said every prick that can’t be trusted…

I wasn’t going to say anything about it as I was hoping it’d just get swept under the carpet and nobody would notice but I keep being questioned about it so I feel like I have to.

The stuff I shot in France has been released and I’ve had a lot of emails and Tweets about how I’ve “finally gone nude” and done “full frontal”. As far as I was aware at the time the shoots were IMPLIED NUDE. IMPLIED meaning you don’t see ANYTHING. But looking at the photos and hearing everyone’s comments that’s clearly not the fucking case.

I never really wanted to do implied nude but I knew eventually one day it would have to happen. I liked their work and they promised nothing would be shown which is why I agreed to work for them.

During the shoots I wasn’t comfortable – as you can read from my previous blog – and was beyond paranoid that I was showing too much. But the photographer was really nice and kept reassuring me that nothing was on show. He kept asking me to move my hand which I did reluctantly after he told me that he could “see nothing, nothing at all” and that “shadows hide everything. If not I will fix it later”. In the photos he showed me you couldn’t see anything so took his word for it.

I’m really not happy about how much is on show, but there’s nothing I can do about it except let people know it wasn’t my intention to show as much as that. I know I’m also to blame as I should have refused to move my hand. I’m too trusting and get lulled into a false sense of security too easily, it’s something I’m trying to work on.

I don’t want to keep going over the same thing again and again, I just want to bring as little attention to it as possible while getting my side across and forget it happened.

I don’t regret doing it because I don’t see the point in having regrets. I’m not upset anymore either, I had my little cries and am trying to get over it. I know some people will go “errr you can’t see anything so stop moaning” but to ME, in MY eyes, I’m showing more than they assured me I’d be showing and I don’t like it. Simple as that.

I won’t be doing implied again for or with anyone other than myself as I don’t want this to happen again.

Annnd rant over.

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Sara Willis @Saraurora / Airport Fun
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Airport Fun
13 November 2012, 5:20 pm














Ok now stick with me here. I wrote this in the airport before I flew home, I was going to fiddle around with it but right now I’m getting a migraine and can’t see properly SO I’m just going to post it exactly how it is. I apologise. I’ll write another post tomorrow and will also post some photos from my trip for you all to enjoy :)

[hidepost]Hey guys

Soooo I thought I’d keep you all updated during my lil trip away.

I’m writing this in the airport in Spain. Yes, once again my amazing luck has shown itself once more. This time in the form of an engine problem with the plane. Apparently they hit a bird or some shit on the here which fucked an engine up.

So we’ve been delayed by like 3 fucking hours. AND I’ve missed my train home. So now I’m not only going to haveto buy another ticket but I’ll also have to pay double the cost as I got it half price online.

Can’t you tell how super duper excited I am to go home?

On the plus side I’ve seen our pilot and he’s surprisingly fit. And young. In fact he looks THAT young that I’m a bit unsure whether he actually IS the pilot. I mean, all the stewardesses are in their uniforms and he’s in a plain shirt with those shoulder badge things. He LOOKS like the pilot? But he also LOOKS about 18. Which is kind of sexy. I’m rambling now.

I’m really tired and I tend to ramble when I’m tired. I’m also bored and I tend to ramble when I’m bored so oh look you’re getting double the rambling.

In the car here we went through the mountains and it was so foggy I genuinely thought I was going to die a bit.

Ahh, all the other passengers for the other flight are here. BASTARDS.

Hope it gets delayed so they can join in our misery.

Easyjet gave us all a voucher for the cafe and I got some sweets and a really nice strawberry slush. I figured this was pretty important information that I had to pass onto you kids. In a way it kind of is as it tells you about Easyjet’s customer service during a delayed flight.

I think I’m rambling again.

There’s lots of old people on my flight. I’m the 5th youngest – all the others are toddlers and babies. When the “taxi” lady picked me up she asked if I was going back home for college. COLLEGE. Apparently even when I look like a knackered old crack whore I still look 16yrs old.

This is slightly helping me stay awake. I have a feeling I’m going to pass out on the flight. If I ever get on the plane that is. When I know I have to get up at a certain time i can’t sleep as I’m too paranoid that I’ll miss the alarm and sleep through it OR that it just won’t go off full stop. so I hardly slept last night. Have I already said that? I don’t think I have.

I’m really hungry. Apparently a mini bag of Chips Ahoy cookies doesn’t quite cut it as breakfast AND lunch. But I refuse to pay €5 for a SMALL bag of fucking crisps at this cafe. It’s a pisstake.


What’s the time? Fucking hellllllll at least another hour. Fuck. My. Entire. Life. This. Is. Bullshit.

I had a mini breakdown last night as I couldn’t find the small suitcase. I’d said no to luggage as I thought I still had it then I remembered my ex took it with him so I kind of burst out laughing while simultaneously (it’ll be interesting to see tomorrow if I’ve not only used the correct word but whether I’ve used the correct spelling) sobbing. That felt awesome. Real awesome. Then Papa Willis came to the rescue and found two for me to choose from and I don’t know why I’m telling you this.


Please don’t cancel your memberships. I’m tired. I’m miserable. I’ve had a REALLY shitty week and the fucking thing isn’t even over yet. GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE.

On a slightly brighter note I was rummaging through my old purse to see what I’d need back home and came across €100. Which was obviously a fucking joy to behold. I was in shock a bit actually. It was like the “universe” was saying “Yeh, we may have gone a bit too far when we ran BOTH OF YOUR DOGS OVER AT THE SAME TIME…Have €100 on us for your troubles.”.

Talking of the mutts, Rosa’s fine but Nigel is up to his old tricks and licking his legs. He’s not allowed to as – and I’m sure some of you will remember the lump-on-leg incident – he can give himself an infection and it won’t heal in time.

Ooh announcement time. Nope. Nowt interesting. Bastards.

Oh. Hang on.

No. Talking about luggage.


I bet they cancel it and I miss the wedding.

OR it’s delayed til tomorrow and I have to get dressed and ready for the wedding on the train home. That will be interesting. Maybe it’s a good thing I can’t wear heels? Flats will be easier to run in.

There’s a quite fit Spanish man rabbiting on his phone strutting past me. He looks like Putin. He’s a bit short though. I’m over it.


Oh my god he’s coming this way…To the toilets. Does he look like Schmidt up close? No.


In case you’re wondering who Schmidt is I suggest you watch New Girl. I HATED the pilot but it’s actually amazing and I’m obsessed. I watched about 13 episodes in I think I’ve told you this before.

I want a better look at Suit Man. Hurry up and wee you dumbfuck. Maybe he’s having a poo? No, it was a wee and he has a nice bum. And he’s tall. I’m in love. Even if he doesn’t look like Schmidt he’s amazing and we’re going to get married.

I should seriously shut up.


Well, it might be bye forever if my luck continues as the engine will probably fail mid-flight.

Bye (forever) x[/hidepost]

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Sara Willis @Saraurora / Laugh It Off…
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Laugh It Off…
7 November 2012, 2:06 pm




Hey kids!

BOY have I got a LOT to tell you.

[hidepost]Practically all of my plans have changed (what did I say about jinxing myself?).

I’ve had such a bad run of luck lately! I’ve had some serious payment issues with Streamate and while I was waiting for my late payment the flights I wanted went up by over €150 so I’ve had to cut the trip short. The photographer I was supposed to be shooting with hasn’t replied to my messages so that’s off. To be fair to him he’s constantly busy so I’m probably right at the bottom of the pile! Then I remembered it was rent day. THEN this morning I realised I hadn’t booked a taxi to get me to the airport. I rung around and the only one that was available wanted to charge me over DOUBLE what the usual taxi’s cost. Then there was a glimmering light at the end of the tunnel – one of my little lovely fans, Brian, let me know a gift he’d bought me was waiting for collection.

Then my dogs got run over.

Seriously. If you know me you’ll know that I’m always saying I have shit luck. THIS IS WHAT I MEAN. I laugh now because I know they’re fine but come on, BOTH DOGS AT THE SAME TIME?

It was fucking awful. We’re having problems with them running out of the gate when we go out lately. We try so hard to keep them in but they’re becoming skilled in the art of escaping. Like yesterday for example, Nigel was nowhere to be seen so I opened to gate just wide enough for me to squeeze out and he appeared from nowhere and ran out. Today they both got out and was fighting in the road when the car hit them. I saw the whole thing and it’s all a bit of a blur tbh. I didn’t see Nigel get hit but I saw Rosa get flung about. It was so horrible and the guy didn’t even bother to stop. He just carried on driving. Anyway Rosa was walking fine then Nige came limping behind her. I saw his leg and just started crying – but NO tears came out? Wtf. Anyway we obviously took them to the vet and on the way I noticed Nigel had a gash on his head and a massive one on his other leg. Luckily the vet said they’re both fine – no internal injuries, no fractures or broken bones. Just bruising and the wounds. Rosa is a little trooper – she has two small sores  but is acting like it never happened! Haha. Poor Nige is so quiet and tired. He was sick three times (twice on me, which was lovely of him) and has some horrible cuts so he’s slept practically from the moment we got in.

As disgusting as it is that the driver didn’t stop it’s the way things are over here. I think the way they treat animals is fucking vile but I guess it’s just the way it is.

Anyway, they’re ok and that’s all I give a fuck about to be honest.

I managed to find a taxi too. So there’s at least something to be jolly about.

I’m really not looking forward to this trip home. The whole thing has just been shrouded in such hassle that I can’t be fucked to go. BUT it’s my friend’s wedding and I want to see my besty (along with others) so I’m obviously still going. I don’t think I’ll be able to relax though until I’m on the flight home. I’ve booked about 10 different train tickets and I’m paranoid I’ve mixed the dates/destinations up.


Roll on Cali is all I can say.

On a lighter note the gift I got from Brian has left me smelling amazing. I smell like a gingerbread man. I’ve had a few people ask me for my wishlist to buy me Christmas presents (I feel like such a prick for writing this but let’s be honest here I love presents so maybe not THAT much of a prick) so in case anyone else wanted it here you go:


Pepperberry/Bravissimo: (my email for the search is

I’m also trying to build up a little bundle of vouchers so I can have a splurge on new outfits for content for the site so any little helps!

I can’t remember what else I had to tell you guys!

Oh! I’ve been on Streamate quite a bit recently – I’ve caught the camming bug haha – but I know we haven’t had a chat for a while. There’s just been so many problems with it that I don’t think it’s fair on you guys to keep wasting your time. BUT I was thinking of giving everyone a FREE 30min Skype videochat. Don’t all rush to add me at once though, if you email me ( and give me your username for the site then we can organise a date/time for the chat :)

Right, I’m off to give Nige a cuddle and eat some faaaaaajittttttas!

Byeee xx[/hidepost]

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Sara Willis @Saraurora / Yes.
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22 October 2012, 2:06 pm


Sorry it’s been ages since any updates.

[hidepost]I’ve had a fair few things going orrrrn lately – including a move, a split and a visit.

I’ve had to change my lickle plans slightly to accommodate something that I’m hoping will still happen BUT I think you kids will be tremendously happy with the outcome(s).

The shoot I thought was happening on my trip to the UK I doubt will happen for a while as I can’t get hold of the photographer. Which is great. But he’s always ridiculously busy so I’m probably right at the bottom of his list!

I wish I could tell you all my plans but things have a tendency to never pan out when I tell people what I plan on doing. So for now I wanna keep it a bit hush hush.

I’m going to Engerrrland soon for my friend’s wedding. I’m so excited I could burst! I’ve got so much planned for while I’m there content-wise. AND I may or may not have a friend joining moi. But I won’t say who. Bwahaha! I think you’ll love her, I do. She’s fucking amazing. The only thing I’m worried about is that the content will look funny because compared to me she’s super tall haha

I’m hoping (HOPING) (it all rests on something else going to plan…) that I’ll be heading out to California again verrrry soon too. I’m trying my hardest not to get too excited about it because like I said before things tend to never work out when I do! I’m not being negative, just stating a fact – I have shit luck! BUT if it DOES happen…Oh boy are you lot in for a TREAT. And so am I as I’ll be going to a zoo to see some pandas. FINALLY.

I’ll be going back to England again in December for some Crimbo shopping and to see some friends so if the shoot doesn’t happen on this first trip I’m hoping it’ll happen in Dec. So, fingers crossed!

Then next year. Oh next year. 2013. OH YOU KIDS. You have NO idea what I have planned :D



That’s all you’re getting. Sorry!


I can’t remember the last time I blogged so I’m just gonna blog about the past month or so.

We finally found a house suitable for everyone (we’re a picky bunch). I love it. I have my own mini house. It’s kind of like a small bungalow – they call them casitas over here – and I adore it so much! I know people will take the piss but I’m a wimp. I don’t like being alone in a house/flat and I get really scared. I don’t know why I get like this but I’ve been like it since I was a teenager. Once, when I was 14, my parents took my brother shopping and I got so scared that someone was downstairs that I barricaded myself into my room. Such a weirdo! I want to try and get over it and “teach” myself to live alone – believe me I KNOW how ridiculous this sounds considering I’m twenty fucking six – but I don’t want to get my own place and be so scared I spend every night sleeping on my parents couch. So this seemed the perfect solution. It’s kind of hard to describe. You know those big mansions that have maid’s quarters? Kind of like that. No. Not like that. Argh. It’s basically a small bungalow out the back. I’ve probably undersold it here but hey ho.

I was a bit sad when we first moved in because during the move I lost one of my birds – Trevor. :(  We were parked up and I was sat in the back with the dogs. They saw a puppy and tried to jump out to chase it, Nigel managed to jump on Mum’s lap. She was holding the birds in a travel box, Nige stamped on it and Trevor managed to fly out the window. I cried like a complete baby all the way to the new house. I know it’s JUST a tiny bird but I get so attached to animals and I felt so sad for him because his breed were bred in captivity and I kept imagining him wondering what the hell he was meant to do :( . You lot probably won’t believe any of this next bit but I swear to whatever the hell you want that it’s true! Jay Z (my other one) was SO depressed without him – he wouldn’t sit on their swing (they used to huddle up together on it at night), he’d sleep in one of the food bowls, he didn’t sing for DAYS and he found (SERIOUSLY) one of Trevor’s feathers (I swear to GOD this happened) and (I’m laughing but this DID happen) shook it in his mouth and scraped it against the bars of the cage. Poor git. I got him a friend the other day, some beige one that turned out to be a girl, and you really don’t have to guess what I called her. I think they love each other though, they keep snuggling together. I’m hoping they have 2 babies so I can call them Blue and Ivy. I’m not joking I really would call them that.

I really wouldn’t be surprised if one day Beyonce got a restraining order against me. It’ll be in The Sun and they’ll ridicule me for naming my birds after her and her family.

I started this blog before I went out and now I’m back I’m finishing it.

Inbetween that time I’ve had some excellente news. IT’S ALL GOING ACCORDINGLY.

I’ve kinda lost my train of thought now so I’ll see you later.


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Sara Willis @Saraurora / Misery
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21 July 2012, 2:02 pm

Hello Kids

Well I have got a FEW things to tell you.

Expect to hear a lot of blogs/Tweets from me over the coming week as I’m going to be living like the guy from Misery.

[hidepost]Last night on the way back from walking the dogs – only around the corner from home – I somehow slipped on a bit of rubble. As I went down my right ankle bent outwards and I heard it crack. Then I fell to the floor and sort of slid a bit scraping my entire left leg riiiight up to my arse cheek. My ankle went numb, I mean totally numb, it was flopping about (because it was numb) and my instant reaction was “Fuck, I’ve fucking broken it, omg”. But then the searing pain started and I couldn’t even speak it hurt so much. I couldn’t get up so Mum went to take the dogs back and get my Dad to carry me home.

Mum ended up getting stuck with the dogs trying to fight our neighbour’s dogs so I somehow managed to hobble my way back home.

I cried. It hurt. Dad put me in some strapped sock thing and told me not to move.

So there I was stuck in bed til I got bored and thought it was fine to walk on. It wasn’t.

I’m so bored already. It’s not even been a full 24hrs yet and I’m bored. Dad thinks it might take a week to heal. Which is fun. Great fun.

Stuck indoors in a house with no aircon in sweltering heat for a week by myself. EXCELLENTE.

This week has actually been beyond shit for various reasons but I’ll only tell you the main ones because I like to keep secrets. Someone once told me I was like a clam that never let anyone in. I don’t know if that’s totally true, I just know what I can and can’t tell certain people. I’m a choosy clam.


Yeh so. Let’s start from the beginning.

Monday. The laptop stopped working. And by stopped working I mean it came on for 5 seconds then went off. So we took it to the local IT guy who said we needed a new charger (our 3rd or 4th since we got here btw). We took it home and found everytime the charger was plugged in the touchpad stopped working. And by stopped working I mean was jittery until the point it just froze. Which is useful.

I’d also felt ill for the past few days – too much sun, not enough proper food methinks. I felt sick, dizzy, tired and had a booming headache.

Tuesday. We went back to the IT guy. He exchanged it for a new charger and off we went on our merry way. Got home and oh look none of the charger pin things fit our laptop. So that fucked that one.

Wednesday. We had to wait for a new charger. While walking the dogs Nigel yanked and the lead scraped the skin on my fingers off a bit. That was nice. I think this happened Wednesday, I dunno. All the joys just blend into one.

Thursday. Collected another charger. Did the exact same thing to the touchpad. I think today was the day Nigel almost broke my nose. I was playing with him and he chucked his fat head up and straight into my nose. I heard a massive crack (another crack, woo) and thought he’d genuinely broke it. THE PAIN.

Friday. Went back (again) to the IT guy who said there’s probably a problem with the laptop rather than the chargers. He said to try the charger over the weekend and bring it all back on Monday. Which is joyous. Then the whole omfg-I’ve-fucked-my-ankle thing happened.


I really need a new laptop. I keep saying this and keep saying I’ll buy one but whenever I get the money to buy one something else pops up that’s more important and I never get round to it.

If you kids have any suggestions on a new laptop please let me know. I don’t want a Mac.

The laptop problem is why I’ve not been able to upload anything this week. It’s actually fucked my plans up big time.

To work I need a laptop. To earn money I need a laptop. So I need to buy a new laptop. But I can’t buy a new laptop with no money. And I can’t earn more money as I don’t have a laptop. So I’m kinda stuck in this crappy little cycle.

I don’t have a “normal” job which has regular money coming in or a set wage. It changes week to week. Some weeks I get more than I expect, others I don’t even get paid when I’m expecting to get paid.

People don’t seem to realise that I’ve only worked for ONE site. I’ve been picky in the past – a lil too picky – I’ve turned down a LOT of offers because I don’t want to shoot for the sake of shooting. I want to only work for people who produce quality stuff. So unlike other girls I don’t have that other income coming in.

My entire income revolves around a poxy laptop and when this poxy laptop doesn’t work I can’t work.

I know a lot of you get pissed off with me. I get that, I would too. But I’m honestly not making excuses to be lazy. Its taken me since 11.30 just to write this bit by bit while I try to fix this laptop without any success.

I know I’ve said before that it’s just me doing all this but some of you need to remember that it genuinely is JUST ME. I don’t have a backlog of content behind me, I fucking wish I did. It’d make my life a hell of a lot easier if I did.

So I’m sorry you’ve not have much content this month.


Once I’m back earning I’ve got some big plans for you kids.

I’ve got a couple of photographers lined up to shoot some professional content (FINALLY!) and I think you’re all going to love the outcomes.

This has been a pretty depressing blog. Give me a break – I’m fucking miserable here!!

I’ll post some cheerier ones this week – pinky promise :D

Love you all (even you grumpy bastards who are mean to me) (especially you lovelies who have always been supportive)

Mwahhhhh xxxx

PS. Imma need you all to cheer me up btw, this busted ankle means I can’t do any squats/lunges for a while so I’m sad my arse might shrink :(  waaah


PPPS. My ankle hurts :’(

PPPPS. I’m really gutted I can’t go and watch The Dark Knight Returns. We don’ have a cinema ANYWHERE near us so I’m going to have to “wait” :(  I’m so excited about it though. And no, it’s not just because Tom Hardy’s in it. Although it IS a little bit because he’s in it, but not JUST because. I’ll shut up now.

PPPPPS. Bye x[/hidepost]

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Sara Willis @Saraurora / Flashbacks
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22 June 2012, 3:19 pm

[singlepic id=2639 w=320 h=240 float=left]Yo

So, sad news to start with. Eric died this morning. I bawled it like a big baby. I get attached to things SO quickly it’s unreal.

[hidepost]I miss Eric.

In other news I had a flash from the past get in touch this week. I won’t go into too much detail but it’s a family member (before you all jump to conclusions and assume it’s a long-lost lover) who was the last person I’d expect to hear from. No it’s not some secret Mum or dad. Or sibling. Or adopted child. Let’s just leave it at they’re not immediate family but we are related.

The message itself annoyed me. It’s been more than 16yrs since I saw ANY of you and I get text-talk? I don’t care if that’s how you’ve always typed/written I deserve to have the word ‘to’ spelt correctly. And secondly how can someone have the gall to give themselves a family-related title? I’m sorry but where have you been again for the past fuckknowshow long? I can count on ONE hand the amount of times I remember seeing you and the last was when I was 6. SIX. SIX YEARS OLD. That’s 20 years ago. 20 YEARS. And you wanna come back and call yourself that? Alright then.

It’s a weird one. I never felt any real resentment towards them before now. It was always aimed at someone else who I solely blamed for this situation. Sure when I was younger I’d think well why would you let them stop you getting in touch? But considering I hardly saw them anyway it didn’t bother me so much. There were more important things and people to ponder over. But after this message I’ve become more and more annoyed.

For years I’ve wondered what they were all doing, whether they actually knew I still existed or whether they even cared, whether they’d tried to get in touch or not. As I’ve grown older and after the stuff me and my family have been through I’ve realised what I could have been missing out on. So when I got this message I had all these things I wanted to say, in my mind I had a fucking essay. But when I got to actually replying all I could muster was “Hey, we’re all OK thanks, you?”.

I’ve had no response. I don’t expect one in all honesty. Which annoys me as I don’t understand the purpose of messaging me. But I still check my FB every hour. Still check my message sent. Still log in and out in the hope I’ve somehow missed it.

This has been a crappy post.

Lemme write you a short story to make up for it. It’s not really a story this totally happened.

Yesterday I went for a walk in the mountains and miraculously found a waterfall. I wasn’t wearing any underwear (it was far too hot) so decided to go skinny dipping. After splashing about, bobbing my boobs everywhere I heard a rustle in the bushes next to me. I got scared but stayed in the water, then a woman crept out from behind the bush. She was slim with MASSIVE tits. And she was naked! Starkers! She said to me “My God. You’re breathtaking.” Then jumped into the water and kissed me. Then we les’d off for a bit in the water. Then under the waterfall. Hella sexy. Then it got dark so I went home. She stayed there as she said she was lost. She wanted to come home and warm up in my bed but I told her I’m categorically not a lesbian, it was just an experiment. Obviously she cried because she’d fallen in love with me but alas I had to depart. As I left I heard her gentle sobs echo through the mountains as she cried “I love you Sara”.

The End.


I’m gone.

Bye x[/hidepost]

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Sara Willis @Saraurora / Hooha
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21 June 2012, 5:15 pm

[singlepic id=2669 w=320 h=240 float=left]  Hello.

Today has been a fucking odd day.

[hidepost]When you flash your mammary glands for a living every now and then you’ll get a shitty day. A shitty day where you’ve had one too many wankers tell you what they’d like to do in unnecessary detail to said glands, where you’ve seen one too many photos of your face, where you’ve seen one too many awful photos of your face, where you’ve had one too many people ridicule you, where you’ve had one too many thoughts about people you don’t want seeing your boobs actually seeing your boobs somewhere on the intawebz. Today has been one of those days. And on these days you want to delete everything, pretend it never happened and go back to being a normal human being.

But then tomorrow comes and you’ll see an alright photo of yourself (maybe even two), you’ll get some nice comments, your IBS or Psoriasis aren’t so bad, you forget that long-lost family members can see your nipples at the click of a button, you can ignore the arsewipes talking bollocks to you and you have a laugh taking some photos of yourself.

Some days this “industry” (not that I’ve ever felt a part of it if we’re being totally honest here, I’ve always felt like the trampy fat 2nd cousin trying to shove her fat self into the shadows in the hope of some limelight) I fucking HATE all of it. I really do, everyone and everything fucks me off. I’m so sick of seeing my own fucking face it winds me up looking in the mirror. And that’s not an insecurity thing, I’m genuinely SICK of seeing my own face. I swear to God if I ever stopped modelling I’d refuse to ever look at another photo/video of myself or mirror ever again! On those days I hate knowing there’s hundreds of photos of me all over the internet. And it’s even worse when you see the worst photos you’ve ever taken get plastered all over Tumblr. WHY DO YOU ALWAYS STEAL THE SHIT ONES? Like COME ON. And I swear to God, if I EVER see that fucking photo of myself bent over in the mirror wearing stockings looking like Bugs Bunny on crack I will smash something. My GOD am I sick of seeing that – and yet you all seem to love it? WHY?!

But then there are awesome days where I love all of it.I’ll sit there and think “Look, there is NO coming back from this, who really gives a fuck? Milk it for all it’s worth while you can”. That sounds bad. There’s no better way to put it though.

You guys know what I mean.

To TOTALLY change the subject we saved a baby bird today. There’s a nest in the roof of our porch and one fell out. The poor bugger broke it’s leg in the fall so we took it to our vets. He’s amazing and he strapped his tiny little leg up in a bandage. I nearly puked, it was disgusting, the bone was sticking out and he kept popping it back in and stretching the leg. UGH. He told us we had to put it back in the nest as he’s really young but warned us that he might get rejected because of the bandage and that he may get shoved back out of the nest. Which he did :(  But the vet told us how to care for him and he’s now in a nice mixing bowl covered by my woolly hat in a nest made of tissue. We’re feeding him ants. I’ve named him Eric. I think he’s awesome. I hope he’s a boy otherwise he’ll grow into a very girly Eric.

Nigel ran away today for half an hour. I think he’s going through his teenage years early. It’s his birthday in 7 days and I said he can’t have a party so he threw a strop and ran off. I’m definitely getting him trained soon.

I baked some coconut and blueberry cupcakes yesterday and they were delicious.

It’s very hot in Spain. Too hot. I MISS THE RAIN.

I have nothing else to say.



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