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Busty Vicky Vidal answers the ULTIMATE BOOB QUESTIONNAIRE!
« on: April 09, 2011, 10:50:18 am »
Busty Vicky Vidal answers the ULTIMATE BOOB QUESTIONNAIRE!
8 April 2011, 3:22 am

Vicky Vidal, aka Busty Vicky, aka LustynBustyxxx [Twitter - MySpace] has huge boobs and she shows them at MyFreeCams. When I say huge, I mean huge — she does this thing where she takes them out of her top and just lays them on the desk in front of her and keeps talking about World of Warcraft like nothing happened. Just the way she reaches into her bra and heaves them out like she was presenting prize watermelons at a state fair. Which in a way, she is.

I see a little Marilyn Monroe, and a lot of Elvira and Morticia Addams, with more tits than all three of them put together. What a woman!

And today is her birthday. I don’t want to put words in her mouth, but I have a feeling she’d say “It’s my birthday, guys — the least you can do is stare at my tits.” She’s that kind of girl — she likes it when you stare. She likes showing them off.

I like that. Happy birthday, Vicky. Give the big girls a squeeze for me.

Now YOU, sir — you owe it to yourself to witness this busty & lusty awesomeness — for free — at MyFreeCams. Her profile page is

First things first — what’s your bra size? 40G.

How large are your areolae? Little over an inch and a half.

When hard, how far do your nipples stick out? Half an inch.

If you had to guess, how much would you say your breasts weigh? I wish there was a proper way to actually weigh titties! I’m gonna have to guess here and say combined around 15-18 pounds.

Cup size can change over the course of a month — do your breasts swell and shrink? Well they never ever get smaller. But they so swell sometimes. Of course not enough to measure but they tend to look much fuller.

Are your nipples sensitive? Very. They didnt used to be but over the past few years they seem to have gotten more and more sensitive.

What’s the most stimulating thing a lover can do to your nipples? Hard sucking! It feels amazing.

Do they get hard in the cold air? I think everything makes my nipples hard these days. Especially cold air.

If you’re masturbating, totally alone, nobody there to watch, do you touch your boobs or nipples? Yes. I try to suck my nipples as well.

What color would you say your nipples/areolae are? Right now they are a light pinkish brown. They were a darker brown when pregnant and breastfeeding.

Have your boobs stopped growing? Yes.

Do you think your boobs are your best physical feature? If not, what do you like better? They’re one of my best features. But I like my eyes the most.

Are your boobs identical? Nope.

Which boob is larger? My left for sure.

Are your nipples at the same height or is one higher than the other? My nipples seem the same to me.

Are your areolae the same size? Pretty much the same.

Do you have any birthmarks, freckles or moles on your boobs? I have a LOT of beauty marks so I had to double check. But somehow I dont have any on my boobs!

When did you realize you had larger breasts than everyone else? I believe around 15 years old. I was wearing DD cups but pouring out of them so I was unsure of my size. And I really started to notice when guys would point it out and girls would poke fun at me.

Were you embarrassed or self conscious of your breasts when you were younger? Did it affect your behavior or did you try to hide them? Yes. I was teased a lot in middle school for it so I wore a lot of baggy clothing for many years.

Are there any everyday tasks you feel are more difficult for you because of your boobs? Dishes. Since im short and busty I always get water all over them!

That is hot! You will have to take picture next time. Are there any outfits or styles you can’t wear because of your boobs? Many! It’s impossible to find shirts that are large or even long enough to fit right. I usually have to buy plus size shirts and then they tend to be huge everywhere else.

Do the other women in your family have great boobs too? Not that I know of.

When did you realize that having big boobs is actually pretty cool? In my late teens when I started to dress more revealing. Everything would look better with great cleavage!

Do you like to look at other women’s breasts? Yes! I love a girl with great boobs.

Do you like touching other women’s breasts? Love it. Its always interesting to get a feel of someone else.

Who has your favorite breasts, besides your own? It’s really hard to pick just one girl’s. But I do like September Carrino’s.

Me too! Do you have a regimen for keeping your breasts looking good? No. I honestly think that’s silly.

Do you ever wish you had smaller breasts? Or would you like them bigger? I wouldn’t mind them being a bit larger, just to fill out the extra skin!

Do you think your life would be different if you had smaller breasts? Oh yeah. For one I wouldn’t be doing webcam! Thats just one of many many reasons.

Do you mind if I stare at your boobs? Not at all! I always think its hot to find a guy sneaking peeks.

I can’t help it. Really, they are magnificent. Can you appreciate staring as a sincere compliment? Yes!

Do you show your boobs in public? No. I’m pretty tame in my day to day life. I use my time on cam to be wild!

How do you feel about public toplessness? Don’t boobs want to feel the fresh air sometimes? It really isn’t for me.

On the subject of titfucking… first, do you like it? I do! I love watching a man get off on tittyfucking since it’s so rare for women to let a man do it! He’s like a kid in a candy store.

Is there anything physically stimulating to you about having a man’s penis between your breasts? Or is it more about giving him pleasure? It gives me pleasure to give him pleasure!

Many large-breasted women have issues with boob sweat on a hot day. Do you? Underneath can get pretty sweaty. But there isnt much I can do about it.

Do you have back pain? Not really. I hope it stays that way.

Have you ever injured your breasts? No.

How do your breasts help you in your daily life? They help me get dozens of guys off every night on cam! And I know that isn’t technically helping me, but it’s still great.

Can you do any tricks with your boobs? Nope.

I disagree. I think this move where you rest them on the desk is a pretty cool trick. Can you hold things with your cleavage? Sorta. My hands need to be involved as well.

In bed, do your boobs distract men from other parts of you that need attention? All the time. But I don’t mind. My breasts are very sensitive so it’s a huge turn-on.

Have you ever had food eaten off your boobs? Chocolate and whipped cream. But I’m not big on food in the bedroom.

Have your breasts ever been painted? No.

Have your boobs ever been honored in any way? No, but where do I sign up?

What is your boobs’ proudest moment? Providing pleasure for men nightly.

Have your boobs ever been described with a slang term you dislike, and if so what was it? Meatballoons.

Ugh! That’s terrible! What do you like best about your boobs? How easily turned on I can get with a simple touch of my nipples.

What do you think men like about your boobs? They are huge! And soft.

Do women compliment you on your boobs? Women never really say much about them. Although I get many dirty looks.

Do your boobs have names? Nope.

What is the weirdest thing a man has ever said about your breasts? Nothing weird. Sometimes just flat out rude though.

What is the weirdest thing a man has ever done or wanted to do with your boobs? I have yet to have anything weird happen.

What is the nicest thing a man has ever said to you about your breasts? Way too many things to keep track of. They have been called just about every nice thing I can think of.

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