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Offline Sara Willis

« on: January 18, 2012, 10:02:20 pm »
18 January 2012, 3:27 pm

  dscf4179 Sup bitches.

What. A. Fucking. Week.

I don’t even know where to start to be honest.

I’ve now got the option to have webchats on here! WOO! I’m not entirely sure what the chats will be like, I don’t know if you lot just want normal chats or whether you want topless chats? I feel like you kids would prefer normals chats. I tested out the webcam bit just now and it works, I just need to tart myself up a bit when I start them as it definitely highlights the amount of late nights and early mornings I’ve had lately! Haha! Obviously if you would like a 1-1 chat just let me know and we can organise one. I’m excited!

Had a bit of canine related drama lately. As you know Nigel and Rosa are being castrated, Rosa had her operation today but Monday night we weren’t sure she’d be able to. It was pouring down with rain and usually they have the patio doors left open for them to go for wees and for wanders. Nigel hates water so because it was chucking it down he’d wee and run straight back in, but Rosa hung around outside. When she came back in she was acting so weird – she stood by the doors for ages before coming in and she was licking herself like mad. Then when I went to bed she FLEW up the stairs behind me, leapt on my bed and ran around it, leapt off and flew into my parent’s bedroom where she started rubbing her paws against her eyes. I figured she’d got something in them but she wouldn’t let me have a look – she just kept running around rubbing them like crazy. Then I noticed her eyes puffed up, then bumps appeared all over her face then before we knew it her entire face had blown up. We couldn’t get a decent look at her because she was so distressed she was tearing around the house whimpering. It was fucking horrible! There were no vets open so all we could do was Google her symptoms and assume she’d been bitten. She eventually went to sleep alone in the hall. The next morning her face was still swollen but it was all soft instead of hard like during the night. So we took her to the vets where they gave her some tablets. They worked almost instantly and her face started to go down. By the evening she was perfectly fine and ready for her op the next day!

Nigel had his jabs the same time Rosa went in for her op, because he gets car-sick we gave him some tablets from the vet which made him act as though he’d drank 26 pints. It was so funny yet felt so cruel at the same time! He’s a complete div at the best of times so on these tablets he was just absolutely useless. We ended up having to keep him on the couch because he was literally slipping around the house! It wore off pretty quick though and it did help with his sickness (the last time we took him out he was sick 7 times) so I’d definitely recommend them.

Anyway Rosa had her little blood test which came out fine and the vet said we could watch the operation if we wanted to, we are all fascinated by stuff like this so we jumped at the chance to see it first hand.

My Dad and BF thought we were utter freaks for wanting to see it but I was so excited! It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. It was such a small operation but I thought it was amazing! We watched the entire thing and learned stuff throughout. The vet was fucking brilliant, they all were.

Rosa’s op went perfectly fine and she’s lying on the couch right now next to me whimpering and groaning every five minutes :)  

I made red velvet cupcakes tonight for the first time. The cupcakes themselves came out perfect but the fucking cream cheese frosting is bullshit. The recipe says to make sure its well mixed but at the end it states “Overbeating can cause it to go runny quickly” so obviously I overbeat it. I’ve shoved it in the freezer in the hope it’ll stiffen up again. So annoying! Next time I make them I’m using my old classic buttercream topping. I don’t get why people said red velvet cupcakes are hard to make, they were pretty easy for me.

I finally have the day to myself tomorrow so I plan on getting a tonne of content done. I know it’s been a few days since the last update so I’ll make sure there’s more than one update tomorrow :)

I’m off!


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