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Offline Lorna Morgan

Cutting Edge : Sex, Lies and Aliens (1997) ~ Sunday Sport
« on: January 05, 2012, 11:45:19 pm »
I've been in the Sunday Sport a few times over the years, and loads of my busty friends have made an appearance at one time or another. Some of my fans not living in the UK may not know about this British Institution. Watch this documentary and you'll know a little bit more about what a crazy lot we are! Enjoy!

Cutting Edge : Sex, Lies and Aliens (1997) (The video's owner prevents external embedding)

'Aliens Turned My Son into a Fish Finger', 'Hide and Seek Champion Found Dead in Cupboard', 'Shoots you, Sir' -- just some of the headlines featured in The Sport, Britain's tackiest newspaper.

Sex, Lies and Aliens takes an affectionate look at life behind the scenes at the nipple-strewn newspaper. Editor Tony Livesey worries when British Airways refuses to fly 71-inch-chested Lolo Ferrari and her uninsurable silicone implants and intrepid reporter Sarah Stephens investigates reports of a cow with markings similar to national football pundit Jimmy Hill's face. Big boss David Sullivan hits the roof at dodgy photos of a glamour model: "I'd rather have a picture of Les Ferdinand's arse than that face".

Fascinating insight into the sleazy world of Britain's most notorious tabloid newspaper, The Daily Sport, owned by media mogul David Sullivan.

Directed by : Norman Hull

First Broadcast : 21st October 1997


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