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The Official Miss V
« on: January 04, 2012, 07:00:30 am »
The Official Miss V
4 January 2012, 12:57 am


Miss Dangerous is my personal nickname for the super sweet and beautiful Miss Voluptuis. As a webmaster who spends a ton of time on the web browsing for the best big boob babes, I have to be very careful when Miss V turns on her webcam. Every time I see her on,  I become transfixed by her sheer beauty and awesome huge breasts. The next thing you know, all my evening work stops and my eyes are glued to the laptop screen as I anxiously await to see if she will pull her top off and give us all a peek at her gorgeous perky nipples and large supple breasts.
Miss Voluptuis  is always willing to please her fans and after some teasing and chatting, she happily bares her tits! Just look at these amazing screen shots of her delicious boobs! You don't want to miss out seeing her play with her huge tits live on cam. Miss V really knows how to handle her breasts in a way that gets me extremely horny and excited. My favorite thing she does is when she gently slaps her boobs and then pulls and tweaks her nipples so they stand erect. Oh my! What a turn on, I love it!
Have I mentioned how gorgeous she is?? Miss V is a stunning girl with long silky black hair that flows over her shoulders. I would give anything to run my hands through her lovely dark hair. So as I said before, Miss Voluptuis  has so much charm and raw sex appeal that I have to call her Miss Dangerous, cause once you watch her live,  you'll get hooked like me and then there is no turning back.  

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