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Offline Sara Willis

Oh The Festivities
« on: December 31, 2011, 01:00:53 am »
Oh The Festivities
30 December 2011, 5:19 pm


Ahoy there bitches.

I write this with 3 busted fingers after slamming them in the sliding doors – I hope you appreciate this dedication.

I hope you all had a cracking little Christmas and holiday. I for one had a corker.

I got lots of lovely little presents with my top 4 being a pair of FIT shoes from my brother, The Hangover 2 on DVD, a set of glasses I’ve lusted after for years and a pair of fluffy grandma slippers. I swear these slippers are the comfiest things I’ve ever worn on my feetsies, I’ve barely taken them off! They’re hardly sexy though, plain black, fluffy inside and out. I look like I’m about 87 when I wear them.

I ate my body weight in food too this Christmas. After Christmas dinner I almost died I’d eaten so much. Then on Boxing Day we had a ridiculous buffet and I ate enough food to feed 3 grown men. I’ve developed a beautiful little pot belly over the last few days. FIT.

It was weird having Christmas out in Spain. The main difference between here and the UK was the lack of places to buy presents. It was so hard trying to find decent gifts for everyone and most of us got nuts, chocolate and booze as presents. It was a nice hot day though which was nice as its been fucking FREEZING here for ages.

I went for a Chinese on Wednesday for the BFs bday and again ate my own body weight in food. The food where we go is ridiculous and so fresh that you just want more and more. Good job it’s a buffet! Then for some stupid reason I decided to have a few drinks. And by a few drinks I mean 9 bottles of Corona. Now I rarely drink these days, I may have one beer every now and then but very rarely more. I think I get drunk about once a year if that now but Wednesday was something else. I distinctly remember falling on the marble floor an awful lot while telling everyone how hot and fuzzy my face was. Attractive. And I smoked two whole cigars. Even more attractive. Anywho I paid for it yesterday with my very first hangover.

I’m not joking. I’d never had one before. I had no idea how awful they are and I seriously don’t plan on having one again anytime soon! Methinks I’ll be sticking to Coke and my non-alcoholic lemon San Miguels!

It made me think though, how the FUCK do people put themselves through that shit EVERY weekend? Like I’ll see friends FB statuses saying “Feel like death after last night but back on it tonight” and I used to think “Alright, bit weird but whatevs” but now I just think they’re complete knobs. Why would you voluntarily make yourself feel THAT ill then do it AGAIN the SAME night? If YOU do this please let me know why. I’d genuinely like to know because to me it makes no sense.

Nigel and Rosa are doing alright but they’re turning into utter shits. EVERYTIME we let them out the front Rosa escapes then Nigel follows after whimpering for about 10mins. So now they’re confined to the back until we figure out how to stop it. They’re somehow climbing up onto the wall and jumping out but the wall isn’t the kind of wall that you can put fencing on top of so we’re trying to work out how we can fix it! Nigel is HUGE now, he’s almost as long as I am tall. Which is scary considering someone told us they stop growing at 18mths…And he’s only 6mths now…God help us.

He’s really strong now too and everytime I walk him he drags me around. I’ve tried to stop him pulling the lead but he’s waaaay too strong for me and just carries on yanking til he’s in a safe area to be let off the lead.

It’s my birthday soon, well I say soon it’s on the 30th Jan. I’m not excited yet but I am dreading being 26. It sounds SO OLD.

We’re looking to start Spanish lessons in January. We’ve been looking for classes that haven’t started yet and we happened to find one advertised in a cafe so will hopefully be joining that!

Pretty sure I’ve said all that I wanted to. No doubt I’ll remember a load more later on!

Mwah xxx

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