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Offline Sara Willis

A Tiny Announcement…
« on: August 01, 2013, 01:00:06 am »
A Tiny Announcement…
31 July 2013, 5:36 pm



Isn’t the weather…just…ugh?

No the sun being out is nice, I’m just not a fan of heat. Makes me laugh when everyone’s like “omggggg it’s sewwwww hawt! It’s 30!” that’s average in ol’ Espana mate, calm down. Come back when you’re saying it’s 48.


Some LOVELY fan (*cough* hi Viggo *cough*) bought me lots of sweet making equipment and a sweet making recipe book.

You should know by now that I’m a masssssive fan of baking and cooking, so I was really happy when this recipe book came through the post. I’ve already tried one of the recipes and tweaked it a bit to make peppermint lollipops. I was so chuffed when they came out like actual lollipops! I expected to have made some kind of cock up along the way but they worked and the peppermint was nice and subtle. I was so happy!

I also made some raspberry lollipops. They were so nice! I couldn’t get much raspberry juice from my raspberries (which smelt like popcorn when they were boiling, weird) so had to tweak the recipe a bit. But luckily they came out great.

I tried to make mint humbugs but the less said about them the better to be honest. I completely fucked the recipe up and they didn’t come out right. They were just little peppermint boiled sweets. Bah!

Some of you might have seen my lil announcement on Twitter the other day.

I’m quitting the modelling “biz”. I won’t be modelling for any other company or site (except maybe Pinupfiles just because I love them) anymore and I’ll be phasing out the camming. I’m keeping this site going though, I still have tonnes of content and will continue making content until you guys get bored haha

I’m going to get a “normal” job like a proper grown up. I’ll probably hate it and want to quit within a week but I’ll give it a good go!

Just to clarify the site IS staying. THE SITE IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE.



Love you x

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