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Offline Sara Willis

« on: June 24, 2013, 01:00:16 pm »
24 June 2013, 7:21 am

DSC_0552Well hello

Sorry it’s been so long but I’ve been busy. Well sporadically busy. That and the fact I was almost certain nobody was reading these posts so I gave up bothering writing them.

BUT somebody came on Streamate the other night and mentioned them so this one is for you young squire x

I’m now living back in the UK.

Sharing a little flat with my besty. Tis alright.

It’s odd being back home. I’m really adaptable so I feel at home anywhere very quickly but it’s odd getting used to being back in the UK. Like I’m still struggling with crossing the road…Sounds dumb but it’s true! I’ve spent nearly two years paying no attention whatsoever to crossing a road. No lights, no waiting, etc. So to come back to all these diff crossroads and lights and signals and traffic…It’s disorientating.

And money. Jesus. It took me AGES to get used to thinking in Sterling again.

Man alive this is interesting huh?

You probably just wanna hear about the girly sleepovers I’ve been having. You know where we all watch Maid in Manhattan, eat ice cream while crying and then comfort each other afterwards. Wipe our tears away then gently brush each others boobs before having an orgy on the couch? Right?



I took an Indian cooking course when I got here. Learnt to cook like 5 dishes and make my own naan breads. It all tasted amazing even if I do say so myself. It’s no surprise it tasted amazing, I mean *I* made it. It couldn’t have come out any less than amazing. Hurr hurr hurr.




I went to visit my parents in France last weekend. Took a ferry. A ferry that took almost 7 fucking hours to arrive. Ridiculous. My fat arse was numb by the time we arrived. I had a nice meal though; poulet (Which I’m pretty sure is French for chicken), mash and veg with a pepper sauce/gravy/thing. Delish. Just a shame it cost me a tenner.

Oh look I’m writing about food again. NUTTIN CHANGES EH?

Anyway. I fell in love as soon as I stepped on the ferry with one of the greeter men. He was beautiful and French. Then when we docked (?) I fell in love about 9 times as all the cleaners walked by. Man ALIVE does France have some fucking beautiful men.

My parents were late picking me up as per. It’s like they don’t realise who I am? They should. I’m fucking famous, I’m a megastar. I deserve the VIP treatment, they should have been early. Mugs.

DSC_0544Anyway. They brought my babies (well MY baby and my brother’s baby) (yes I still refer to Nigel as my baby, fuck off) (I’m allowed) and Nigel has G R O W N. He leapt up and smashed my chin a few times. He’s like 35kg now and longer than I am. I clearly subconsciously picked him to compensate for my height. A bit like when men with baby dicks buy themselves a Ferrari to compensate for their lack of trousersnake.

France was lush. I loved it. It was such a chilled little trip, the weather was perfect – rainy yet warm. Poifick.



IMG-20130617-03492They didn’t have their belongings when I arrived (they’d literally moved in that morning I got there) so they didn’t have a TV the entire time I was there, and no net/signal. So I was able to properly get away from everything and everything. Think a few things through. Make some decisions (that I’d later piss all over as usual). Spent my time eating, playing archery with my brother, chopping wood with my Dad (fo reelz) and chatting to my Madre. Played with the dogs. Chatted to some cows and their calves. Accidentally spoke Spanish to nearly every French person I came into contact with. That was fun.

We went to this big supermarket, I was at the till about to pay and she handed me a bag. In my head I went to say gracias, then bonjour then merci but my mouth made a noise like “mooo-more”. Good stuff!

French patisseries.





IMG-20130616-03477I must have eaten about 30 macarons (no joke, you should know I have an insatiable appetite for sweet things) during the 3 days I was there (I’m not counting the 2 days of travelling, it’s pointless). This one patisserie sold them fresh, and I mean FRESH, they were perfect. Absolutely perfect. My favourite flavour was the raspberry ones. And lemon. Yum.

I had the best chocolate eclair I’ve ever had in my life there too. The filling wasn’t what we have over here – it was like the texture of buttercream icing but tasted fresh like cream. No idea what it was. The pastry was so light and fluffy too. UGHHHH GIMME ONE NOW!

This blog is pretty much just about food isn’t it? Oh well.

I can’t think of anything else to say now. I’ve had loads to say, but it’s all disappeared into Nevercomingbackland.


Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaara x

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