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Offline Sara Willis

March Musings
« on: April 21, 2013, 07:01:35 pm »
March Musings
8 March 2013, 2:01 pm



Been a funny few weeks.

I can’t remember my last blog and to be honest I can’t be bothered to go and see what it was about so if I repeat myself ever so sorry. Nobody reads these anyway so I’m sorry to myself. It’s ok Sara, I forgive you.

That sounds a bit mental doesn’t it?

I genuinely think I have lost it a bit over the past few weeks. I’m pretty sure I’ve said I’m moving back to the UK in previous blogs and I’m currently trying to organise said move.

I’ve moved 27 times in my life so you’d think I’d be somewhat of a pro at it. I’ve moved abroad too. I’ve packed my life up twenty seven times. I’ve done it alone. I’ve done it with family. I moved to new towns. I’ve moved to Uni. I’ve moved in with a boy. I made the actual move to Spain alone, I flew out here by myself as my parents were driving over and due to some issues with their hire van (…Long story short but THREE vans all broke down…) they had to postpone their trip by a day. SO you’d think moving back to live with my friend would be a fucking doddle.


I’ve been going a bit mental. I’ve spent days in bed eating my worries. Then I’ll have days like today where I’ll spend my days in the sun…but still eating my worries. I swear to God by the time my moving date comes around I’ll be a fucking heifer. Should probably add a “lol” or “haha” before people think I’m genuinely suicidal. Calm down, I get like this. You should know me by now to know not to take I’m totally rambling now. Back to the point. I think the reason I’m stressing so much is because I don’t actually have a set date. I don’t know when I’m coming or going. I just know where haha.

Having a date would make all this bullshit so much fucking easier. I’d have a point to work towards. Right now I’m just earning for…SOME DAY THAT WILL CONFIRMED SOON. It’s winding me up. Once I know when I’m going I can book a van, pack, book a flight, tell my friend to get the kettle on, the red carpet laid and the chocolate Hobnobs opened and laid out prettily on a plate in preparation for my arrival.

Let’s talk about something super fun and interesting. Hmm. I can’t blog about fun stuff. I don’t see the point. Blogs are for ranting/venting aren’t they? And I’m funnier when I’m angry.

I downloaded my @saraurora Twitter history the other week. It went back to 2010 but I’ve been on Twitter since 2009 (my old name was prinnyaurora in case any of you wondered). It was weird reading it to be honest. And sad. I was SO depressed in 2010 it’s ridiculous, yet I was fucking HILARIOUS. Here’s some titbits:

Oct 29 2010: “After Christmas I plan on getting back in the saddle, relearning how to play drums and starting salsa lessons. FIT!”

None of that happened.

Oct 27 2010: “I need more cheese. My one regret is not putting more cheese chunks in this soup.”

Mmm cheese.

Nov 29 2010: “Carefully positioning the Twitter window so my boss can’t see my background.”


Nov 24 2010: “I scraped my hand up after coming VERY close to stacking it down the station steps :’(”

What? I fell over? I almost NEVER fall over…Apparently I’ve tweeted that I’ve fallen over 19 times since 2010. Excellent.

It’s International Women’s Day today. Over the past year or so I’ve become more…women-friendly. Not in the way you’re all thinking but I’m starting to stop being so “anti” women. I think it’s because I’ve started surrounding myself/communicating with WOMEN I respect and appreciate and stopped associating with GIRLS. I know people go “There’s no difference” but to me there’s a big difference between a girl who will sit there slagging you off the second you leave the table and a woman who will come to you and tell you her issue with you without the need for it to become an argument.

I used to be so anti-women, seriously. I’d assume they were all the same: bitchy, two faced, whingey, etc. because I’d been burnt so often by “friends”. Then I realised I CHOSE these girls to be what I called friends. It was my fault for surrounding myself with these fucking morons, so I cut them out of my life. Stopped contacting them, stopped chasing them, stopped making any sort of effort, stopped worrying about their opinions and made new friends.

So, today, I want to give a little shout out to the women who have helped me (some unknowingly) over the past few months/years. I haven’t met all of them but in one way or another, whether it’s just retweeting a link to something that’s hit home with me or buying me 5 bars of Galaxy, they’ve helped me get through some shit.

If you want a decent read/sex tips/want to book some sexy little dates then check out @candiebbee‘s blog and her escort agency She doesn’t know it but her words, blogs and Tweets were partly behind me gaining the strength the end an abusive and shitty relationship. It’s crazy to think how someone can have such a huge effect on your life when 1. you’ve never met them and 2. they have NO idea what they’ve done for/to you. She also introduced me to Scandal AKA the best show in the world.

If you want to follow a woman with class AND intelligence AND a sense of humour then follow @christiana1987. I started following her after stumbling across her old blogs, she’s an amazing writer and even though I don’t always agree with what she writes she puts her point across so well that I just want to reach through the screen and give her the biggest high five in the world. She introduced me to Miguel.

You should already be following @britishbrooke anyway but you can check her out (and help fund a fellow Disaronno and Pot Noodle addict) online at I honestly couldn’t even start telling you how she’s helped me. She’s been there for me through so much, she opened my eyes to what was really going on in so many situations, has taught me the dumbest yet funniest things, invited me into her home and cooked me a mean pasta dish AND has the BEST stories in the world. She’s honestly amazing and I love her. She reintroduced me to LIFE.

I know most of you are already well aware of her but follow @xleannecrowx too. She’s hilarious, lovely and she’s got alright boobs for a flat chested woman. She put me up for a few days in LA as you know and surprised me by how genuine and just fucking NICE she is. Introduced me to Disaronno.

My Mum deserves a little shout out. I Tweet about her a lot, she’s ridiculous. I don’t want to say she’s dumb as that’s mean but to say she’s…intellectually challenged is an understatement. But she’s hilarious with it. I don’t think she will ever live down asking whether dinosaur ended with “a or e?”. Introduced me to…well…the world and you.

I think that’s everyone.

That’s me done for today. I’m going to watch Silent Hill Revelations. Or Resolutions. Something beginning with R.

I am so into watching films lately. Here’s my brief reviews of some I’ve seen:

Lawless: Amazing and wank-worthy.

Lincoln: Amazing, I cried.

Mama: Crap. (Jordan, do NOT even ATTEMPT to argue with me on this. It IS shit)

Sinister: Not scary in the slightest. I’d forgotten Kevin Bacon existed.

House At The End Of The Street: Alright, nothing special. Jennifer Lawrence is fit.

Bridesmaids: Not as funny as everyone made out but worth a watch.

The Notebook: Watchable. I still don’t understand the massive hype. Surprisingly didn’t cry.

Tower Block: Not to be confused with Attack The Block (like I did). Surprised me. Was quite good, would watch again. HELLO KANO AND JAMES O’CONNOR.

End of Watch: Good. I cried.


Seven Psycopaths: I shouldn’t really include this as I turned it off after 20mins but that should tell you a lot.

Django Unchained: AMAZING. I don’t normally enjoy Jamie Foxx’s acting so I was shocked by how much I enjoyed watching him. Kerry Washington…JesusMary&Joseph…Perfection.

Taken 2: Should never have happened.

Ok I’m going.

Bye x

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