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Offline Sara Willis

« on: April 21, 2013, 07:01:35 pm »
3 February 2013, 3:27 pm


Hope everyone likes the new site! I love it.

I went home for a week recently and had so much fun.

I stayed with the beautiful British Brooke and had such a lovely time. She’s quickly become one of my closest friends!

We went for a spa day courtesy of one of our lovely fans Viggo. It was amazing, I’ve never been to a spa before and I really enjoyed myself. There was a heat and ice experience which felt amazing. Our favourite parts were the menthol scented steam room, the crystal saune, the ice water bucket shower and the ice cave.

We weren’t allowed cameras in the actual spa area but we managed to sneak a few naughty photos in!

As most of you know I struggle with psoriasis and all the chlorine (we went for a quick swim and then chilled in the jacuzzi for a bit) fucked my skin up big time. I’ve never been in so much pain with it! But luckily I’d remembered to pack my cream which helped relieve the pain a little bit.

When we were back at Brooke’s we spent the next couple of days chilling, talking utter bollocks, eating Pot Noodles and chocolate, drinking Disaronno & Coke and watching awful reality tv.

Then I had to leave to go to London :(  I was so sad! But she was a good Mum and made me a packed lunch for the train haha

I was really wary of staying in London. I’m a wimp and get scared easily so was so paranoid about where to stay. I had a super early flight home so needed somewhere near the Gatwick Express. The room was…just a room basically! It was an odd little hotel. I’d recommend it though if like me you just needed a ROOM near the station/Express. It was certainly better than a fucking Holiday Inn…Last time I stayed in one of those in LDN I heard some guy getting attacked outside my door. It was fucking awful and just added to my paranoia tbh.


I had a brilliant time in LDN. I finally met up with my friend Bui, we’ve been chatting for a few years now but never got the opportunity to actually meet up so was lovely to finally do it! Then I went for a little shop. Which turned into a medium shop. I was good though! I didn’t let it turn into a big shop, which it too easily could have.

This trip back home was so much more enjoyable than my last trip. I had time to relax and remember why I felt homesick. I only had a few of the typical upsets/troubles I get myself into but they didn’t ruin the entire “holiday”. I don’t know if it was premature homesickness or a mix of that, oncoming illness, tiredness or fed up with being stuck on a runway for 4hrs but I cried for most of my flight home and for most of Saturday when I got back! I realised that I DEFINITELY want to move back to the UK. Even if it’s just temporary while I sort other stuff out, I need to be back.

Sooo that’s whats my next plan is – plotting my move back!

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