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Milena Velba huge tits in topless
« on: December 07, 2011, 07:01:06 am »
Milena Velba huge tits in topless
6 December 2011, 5:24 am

Tweetmilena velba huge tits

If the Genie of the lamp comes to you one night and asks you: “You can spend 1 week with Kate Moss or one night with Milena Velba, what is your choice”?

I cannot know your answer, but I know very well which my reaction will be. A very loud laugh LOL. Probably the genie of the lamp has not sexual tastes, like an angel, so he cannot understand the reaction that a REAL man can have in front of the Goddess of the Women (I’ll name like this Milena Velba). If he asked me to choose between Abbi Secraa and Milena Velba probably I would have hesitate for some seconds but how many million of girls are like Kate Moss? Probably there are 100 million girls like that skinny model without curves and with masculine ass and tits.

If a man like WOMEN he will want to spend one night with the Queen of Women.

How many girls and women are like Milena Velba? I think that the only one that can really compare with her is Abbi Secraa and we spoke many times about her so you know very well the reason. Is not only in the boob size, because they are really huge but there are girls like Norma Stitz or Karola of Siliconefree that have much bigger boobs.

The reason why there are only 2 girls (untill now) in the world that can be described as superior human being is because of they have 36JJ or 36 L boob size on a very normal body.

Imagine to see a picture of Milena Velba or Abbi Secraa that doesn’t show the upper navel part. You will start to think “yes she is probably a nice women, the body is perfect, very nice ancles, slim legs, no belly, slim hands.

Then you rise your sight and you see the most beautiful work of art in the world. Impressive huge tits to die for on such a perfect body and a smile that brings you to heaven.

You can have more than a sexual reaction, more than a normal hard on: I personally felt competely confused when I saw Milena Velba the first time, the second time and all the times that I see a picture or video of her. You feel the blood boiling, you feel the necessity to grab one of her boobs while she stands up and you stay on your knees and suck it with both hands, as this girl in the picture is doing.

I also think that is not Santa giving Christmas presents to Milena Velba, but she is the personal Santa’s gift. He keeps her as last house visit and she put her huge tits on his arm while she touches him to be sure that he is not scared.

milena velba santa milena velba sucking boobs

milena velba huge tits milena velba huge tits

Milena Velba is obviosuly impressive and unique in topless, but with her body and boob size she can give hard ons also when she is dressed. She is extremely BEAUTIFUL when she does pictures and videos as Pinup.

Her huge tits spill out of her suffering huge bra and they rest on her legs beacause they are too much heavy and full.

Milena looks at you like if she had not this God’s gift on her body, is like if she is asking: “do you like me also if I have these huge tits, or do they scare you?”.

No dear Milena you don’t scare me, the only reaction that I can have is to build a temple for you and for your blonde huge titted twin Abbi Secraa and spend all my life praying for you and her, hoping one day to have your huge tits in my mouth, sucking your holy nipples while you keep my dick hard for days and days, non-stop.

milena velba huge tits

I wanted to give a mention also for Nadine Jansen that is a very good friend of Milena Velba and she is almost the same level.

This is her picture after pregnancy and her tits were really huge.

milena velba huge tits

milena velba huge tits nadine jansenmilena velba, nadine jansen and other girls with huge tits at venus berlin All these pictures are courtesy of

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