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Kandi Cox - Cindy & Kandi: Busty Strap-On Lovers
« on: February 12, 2013, 10:00:53 pm »
Kandi Cox - Cindy & Kandi: Busty Strap-On Lovers
12 February 2013, 4:30 pm

Cindy & Kandi: Busty Strap-On LoversCindy & Kandi: Busty Strap-On Lovers

Cindy Cupps has huge tits. Kandi Cox has huge tits. They both modeled for SCORELAND. And that's where their similarities end.

Cindy once told me she considers herself sexually assertive, and I believe her because she doesn't lie. And it's a fact that it was Cindy's idea to do a girl-girl scene with Crystal Gunns, and Crystal only warmed to the idea later. But Cindy is generally quiet. Humble. Soft-spoken. She has done exactly one hardcore scene in her life, and it wasn't an all-the-way hardcore. It was a tits 'n' tugs. To this day, Cindy has not wrapped her mouth or pussy around a cock on-camera.

The same cannot be said about Kandi Cox, a bold, aggressive Las Vegas entertainer who has sucked and fucked many cocks on-camera and has even done anal. Kandi sucks dick as naturally as most people breathe, and she is of the opinion that the main purpose of her mouth, giant tits and pussy are to pleasure men's rods. If you saw Cindy and Kandi together, even if both of them had their tits halfway out, you'd have no doubt who the porn star was. Kandi just gives off that aura. She is the sexually aggressive, big-titted MILF.

So, it might have seemed unusual when we paired Cindy with Kandi for her first girl-girl scene, but we knew what we were doing. Put two newbies together and you run the risk of getting a flat, boring scene with two nervous models. But put the newbie with an experienced porn star and you know the porn star will take control. And that's how it happened, right? Well, wrong.

Cindy is the one strapping on the strap-on and fucking Nurse Kandi, and she fucks her deep, too, with an eight-inch dong, as if she has something to prove.

"I told you I was sexually aggressive," Cindy said after the filming was over.

You know, it's always the shy, quiet types who surprise you. As for Kandi, she said, "That was as good as real dick." Hey, she should know.

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