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Offline Sara Willis

Hello LA
« on: January 24, 2013, 04:00:38 pm »
Hello LA
21 December 2012, 11:56 am


I’m back home now after my amaaaazing trip to Cali.

I didn’t write any blogs or anything while I was there so now I have to try and remember everything that happened :/ I’m not exactly known for my memory lately so this might be a bit hard. I took LOTS of photos though so even if I can only remember “I went shopping one day and did a shoot the next day” then at least you can enjoy them ha!

Hmm. Where to start, where to start. OMG the actual journey there! HA! What a fucking MESS that was. Jesus. I nearly missed TWO of my flights. I had 3 separate flights as my nearest airport is super small and only has a few flights a day and none direct to the US so my trip had to be broken down which was annoying.

I got to Madrid fine and dandy but after spending an hour and a half poncing about trying to get credit for my phone I realised I was not only in the wrong area of the terminal but in the wrong fucking terminal full stop! I had like less than an hour to make it to the departure gate and had to get a train shuttle thing there. I made it JUST in time as the last few passengers were boarding and the sign said final call. I was SO lucky that I noticed when I did, just 5mins later and I’d have missed it.

I had both seats completely to myself though and had tonnes of leg room (not that I need it with my stumpy legs but still) and was able to stretch out and relax. I stupidly didn’t sleep on the flight when really I should have as it probably would have stopped my jetlag! Anyway the food was surprisingly nice, there was no onflight entertainment which I found a bit odd so I managed to read an entire book on that flight. I felt really proud of myself when I finished it and wanted to stand up and shout “Hey! I finished this entire book before we even landed! Yay!” but they were all Spanish so I didn’t bother.

The flight was actually REALLY empty, I’m assuming it’s because Spain is on it’s arse and nobody can afford to fly to america. But it was odd to see such a huge plane with half the seats empty, seemed almost pointless and a waste.

I landed in New York and was so excited to be there! It was night time and raining so I saw fuck all but still, I was in New York (kind of)!

I needed to check in again and get my boarding pass so once I checked my luggage in I went to queue up. There were SO many people complaining and arguing with the staff about the problems with queueing and missing their flights. One girl was saying she missed her flight as even though she had her booking details they couldn’t find her booked on the flight! And 3 English guys missed their flight because they’d had to queue up to get their passes.

I only had 2 hours to get my pass and to the gate so I was kind of panicking as the queue was huge and there wasn’t many staff at the check in desks. I was there for over 45mins and there was still about 10 people in front of me so I gave up and asked someone for help. Thankfully he was a little angel and took me to the front, got my pass and ran me down to security giving me directions on how toget to my gate. I RAN for my little life to the gate, I literally had like 20mins to get there and it was AGES away. It was so embarrassing, my boobs were jumping around EVERYWHERE while I ran and people were staring and laughing. SO EMBARRASSING. I made it and nearly collapsed on the floor. I was so out of breath, sweating and looked an utter state. Then I looked to my left and saw this absolutely BEAUTIFUL man… -_-

I was SO relieved to finally land at LAX but had aggro trying to get to Leanne (Crow). The taxi guy had no idea where she lived and he had to ring her to get directions haha.

I FINALLY got to hers after travelling for almost 23hrs and wanted to collapse in her lovely boobs and sleep for a week. I didn’t though, I was good! Ha!

I was really nervous about meeting her, Wendy (Fiore) and Leanne’s friend Channelle as I’d never met them before and had no idea what they were like bar what I’d seen online. But they were all so nice and lovely! Leanne and Channelle are just fucking hilarious, they’re so funny. They remind me of my brother and I – just cracking up at the most pointless stuff. I love people like that. And Wendy is beautiful, she’s so nice and open. I love her!

The first night we just stayed up chatting then the next day I went with Wendy for breakfast and then to her photoshoot. You’ll all be very jealous to know that I saw her posing in some very skimpy outfits. BWAHAHA! She’s such an amazing model, she looked fantastic and I’ve seen a few of the finished photos from that day and they look just as amazing.

We went for dinner after but I could only muster two slices of pizza as I suddenly felt really, really ill.

I felt better by the time we’d got back and was able to get in the hottub with the girls for a lil drink. I didn’t bring any bikinis with me so had to borrow Leanne’s which was a bit big haha seriously her boobs are SO round and humungous looking. I think she’s a full cup size bigger than me, I think she’s like 32JJ.

Anyway we had fun in the hottub til the mean guard man made us get out :(

Then on Tuesday, the next day, Leanne and I shot with and for Leanne’s website. It was so much fun to work with those guys again, I love them! This time round I wasn’t walking around with a despressed cloud over my head nor did I have a big pile of misery following me so I was able to actually relax and enjoy myself. I loved my hair and make up too, I don’t wear hardly any make up and normally I feel REALLY clogged up and heavy on my face when I get my make up done but she was amazing and it felt so light and natural. Anyway I did a few seasonal sets for PinUp and then did a video with baby oil and a glass table. That’s all I’m saying! You’ll LOVE it! Then I did a set with Leanne, you’ve probably seen some photos that I’ve retweeted on Twitter, they look SO good! We did a video too and at one point I was sat on the couch while Leanne was kneeling on it. I was THIS close to getting whacked in the face by her boob!!

After we had finished I got picked up by my webmaster, Matt and drove down to San Diego.

The next day, Wed, we…Erm…OH! I went shopping for some outfits! I got some really nice stuff, including a Xmas outfit and some gorgeous shoes. I may have spent a bit too much so shh. We shot in my hotel room and got some really good sets! I had so much fun shooting with Matt and can’t wait to see all the pics.

On Thursday we went to shoot at a studio. It was a funny little place, from outside it didn’t look much cop and I wasn’t expecting it to be any better inside but it was actually really good! They had some great stuff there and I’m really happy with the stuff we did. I think my fave set is going to be the one in a blue dress OR the beige lingerie set. Argh! I’m so excited, I want to see all of them! We went for lunch at this deli and I had this amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing pulled pork sandwich. I want one right now. Omg.

Oh god Friday we shot on the beach. I was SO cold even wrapped in this thick fluffy blanket. I don’t like waves, I get really scared by them if they’re quite big and the sea that day was pretty choppy. The tide was in and while I was posing on these rocks the waves were getting bigger and the tide was getting even closer and closer so I felt a teeeeeny bit nervous haha! We went to shoot on these wooden stairs and we got a really nice set on them so I can’t wait to see them! We shot there again on Saturday morning and got some more stuff. I think you guys are going to love all of them!

I had most of Saturday off so after lunch I went in the hottub and chilled for a bit before doing my Christmas shopping. I managed to find some trousers that not only went over my hips but were able to be done up! I was so chuffed! Granted they’re not PROPER trousers (they’re more like jodphurs tbh) but still! They got over my hips and arse! WOO! I bought way too much stuff though as I had a serious struggle repacking my case (I’d stupidly packed BEFORE I went shopping, not a good idea).

I had such hassle on the way home (LAX couldn’t print my boarding passes, my JFK to Madrid flight was delayed by 6hrs and had hassle sorting my connections out, aggro with JFK staff, queues upon queues and being stranded at my home airport for 2hrs) that it was pretttty damn obvious I wasn’t supposed to have left LA. I get the hint, I’m supposed to live there. Which is why I’m looking into a visa seriously…BWAHAHA


Anyway that’s my LA story/diary/blog/mismatch of information/ramblings.

I’ll be posting photos I took along the way soon :D


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