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Offline Sara Willis

Airport Fun
« on: January 24, 2013, 04:00:37 pm »
Airport Fun
13 November 2012, 5:20 pm














Ok now stick with me here. I wrote this in the airport before I flew home, I was going to fiddle around with it but right now I’m getting a migraine and can’t see properly SO I’m just going to post it exactly how it is. I apologise. I’ll write another post tomorrow and will also post some photos from my trip for you all to enjoy :)

[hidepost]Hey guys

Soooo I thought I’d keep you all updated during my lil trip away.

I’m writing this in the airport in Spain. Yes, once again my amazing luck has shown itself once more. This time in the form of an engine problem with the plane. Apparently they hit a bird or some shit on the here which fucked an engine up.

So we’ve been delayed by like 3 fucking hours. AND I’ve missed my train home. So now I’m not only going to haveto buy another ticket but I’ll also have to pay double the cost as I got it half price online.

Can’t you tell how super duper excited I am to go home?

On the plus side I’ve seen our pilot and he’s surprisingly fit. And young. In fact he looks THAT young that I’m a bit unsure whether he actually IS the pilot. I mean, all the stewardesses are in their uniforms and he’s in a plain shirt with those shoulder badge things. He LOOKS like the pilot? But he also LOOKS about 18. Which is kind of sexy. I’m rambling now.

I’m really tired and I tend to ramble when I’m tired. I’m also bored and I tend to ramble when I’m bored so oh look you’re getting double the rambling.

In the car here we went through the mountains and it was so foggy I genuinely thought I was going to die a bit.

Ahh, all the other passengers for the other flight are here. BASTARDS.

Hope it gets delayed so they can join in our misery.

Easyjet gave us all a voucher for the cafe and I got some sweets and a really nice strawberry slush. I figured this was pretty important information that I had to pass onto you kids. In a way it kind of is as it tells you about Easyjet’s customer service during a delayed flight.

I think I’m rambling again.

There’s lots of old people on my flight. I’m the 5th youngest – all the others are toddlers and babies. When the “taxi” lady picked me up she asked if I was going back home for college. COLLEGE. Apparently even when I look like a knackered old crack whore I still look 16yrs old.

This is slightly helping me stay awake. I have a feeling I’m going to pass out on the flight. If I ever get on the plane that is. When I know I have to get up at a certain time i can’t sleep as I’m too paranoid that I’ll miss the alarm and sleep through it OR that it just won’t go off full stop. so I hardly slept last night. Have I already said that? I don’t think I have.

I’m really hungry. Apparently a mini bag of Chips Ahoy cookies doesn’t quite cut it as breakfast AND lunch. But I refuse to pay €5 for a SMALL bag of fucking crisps at this cafe. It’s a pisstake.


What’s the time? Fucking hellllllll at least another hour. Fuck. My. Entire. Life. This. Is. Bullshit.

I had a mini breakdown last night as I couldn’t find the small suitcase. I’d said no to luggage as I thought I still had it then I remembered my ex took it with him so I kind of burst out laughing while simultaneously (it’ll be interesting to see tomorrow if I’ve not only used the correct word but whether I’ve used the correct spelling) sobbing. That felt awesome. Real awesome. Then Papa Willis came to the rescue and found two for me to choose from and I don’t know why I’m telling you this.


Please don’t cancel your memberships. I’m tired. I’m miserable. I’ve had a REALLY shitty week and the fucking thing isn’t even over yet. GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE.

On a slightly brighter note I was rummaging through my old purse to see what I’d need back home and came across €100. Which was obviously a fucking joy to behold. I was in shock a bit actually. It was like the “universe” was saying “Yeh, we may have gone a bit too far when we ran BOTH OF YOUR DOGS OVER AT THE SAME TIME…Have €100 on us for your troubles.”.

Talking of the mutts, Rosa’s fine but Nigel is up to his old tricks and licking his legs. He’s not allowed to as – and I’m sure some of you will remember the lump-on-leg incident – he can give himself an infection and it won’t heal in time.

Ooh announcement time. Nope. Nowt interesting. Bastards.

Oh. Hang on.

No. Talking about luggage.


I bet they cancel it and I miss the wedding.

OR it’s delayed til tomorrow and I have to get dressed and ready for the wedding on the train home. That will be interesting. Maybe it’s a good thing I can’t wear heels? Flats will be easier to run in.

There’s a quite fit Spanish man rabbiting on his phone strutting past me. He looks like Putin. He’s a bit short though. I’m over it.


Oh my god he’s coming this way…To the toilets. Does he look like Schmidt up close? No.


In case you’re wondering who Schmidt is I suggest you watch New Girl. I HATED the pilot but it’s actually amazing and I’m obsessed. I watched about 13 episodes in I think I’ve told you this before.

I want a better look at Suit Man. Hurry up and wee you dumbfuck. Maybe he’s having a poo? No, it was a wee and he has a nice bum. And he’s tall. I’m in love. Even if he doesn’t look like Schmidt he’s amazing and we’re going to get married.

I should seriously shut up.


Well, it might be bye forever if my luck continues as the engine will probably fail mid-flight.

Bye (forever) x[/hidepost]

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