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Offline Sara Willis

Laugh It Off…
« on: January 24, 2013, 04:00:37 pm »
Laugh It Off…
7 November 2012, 2:06 pm




Hey kids!

BOY have I got a LOT to tell you.

[hidepost]Practically all of my plans have changed (what did I say about jinxing myself?).

I’ve had such a bad run of luck lately! I’ve had some serious payment issues with Streamate and while I was waiting for my late payment the flights I wanted went up by over €150 so I’ve had to cut the trip short. The photographer I was supposed to be shooting with hasn’t replied to my messages so that’s off. To be fair to him he’s constantly busy so I’m probably right at the bottom of the pile! Then I remembered it was rent day. THEN this morning I realised I hadn’t booked a taxi to get me to the airport. I rung around and the only one that was available wanted to charge me over DOUBLE what the usual taxi’s cost. Then there was a glimmering light at the end of the tunnel – one of my little lovely fans, Brian, let me know a gift he’d bought me was waiting for collection.

Then my dogs got run over.

Seriously. If you know me you’ll know that I’m always saying I have shit luck. THIS IS WHAT I MEAN. I laugh now because I know they’re fine but come on, BOTH DOGS AT THE SAME TIME?

It was fucking awful. We’re having problems with them running out of the gate when we go out lately. We try so hard to keep them in but they’re becoming skilled in the art of escaping. Like yesterday for example, Nigel was nowhere to be seen so I opened to gate just wide enough for me to squeeze out and he appeared from nowhere and ran out. Today they both got out and was fighting in the road when the car hit them. I saw the whole thing and it’s all a bit of a blur tbh. I didn’t see Nigel get hit but I saw Rosa get flung about. It was so horrible and the guy didn’t even bother to stop. He just carried on driving. Anyway Rosa was walking fine then Nige came limping behind her. I saw his leg and just started crying – but NO tears came out? Wtf. Anyway we obviously took them to the vet and on the way I noticed Nigel had a gash on his head and a massive one on his other leg. Luckily the vet said they’re both fine – no internal injuries, no fractures or broken bones. Just bruising and the wounds. Rosa is a little trooper – she has two small sores  but is acting like it never happened! Haha. Poor Nige is so quiet and tired. He was sick three times (twice on me, which was lovely of him) and has some horrible cuts so he’s slept practically from the moment we got in.

As disgusting as it is that the driver didn’t stop it’s the way things are over here. I think the way they treat animals is fucking vile but I guess it’s just the way it is.

Anyway, they’re ok and that’s all I give a fuck about to be honest.

I managed to find a taxi too. So there’s at least something to be jolly about.

I’m really not looking forward to this trip home. The whole thing has just been shrouded in such hassle that I can’t be fucked to go. BUT it’s my friend’s wedding and I want to see my besty (along with others) so I’m obviously still going. I don’t think I’ll be able to relax though until I’m on the flight home. I’ve booked about 10 different train tickets and I’m paranoid I’ve mixed the dates/destinations up.


Roll on Cali is all I can say.

On a lighter note the gift I got from Brian has left me smelling amazing. I smell like a gingerbread man. I’ve had a few people ask me for my wishlist to buy me Christmas presents (I feel like such a prick for writing this but let’s be honest here I love presents so maybe not THAT much of a prick) so in case anyone else wanted it here you go:


Pepperberry/Bravissimo: (my email for the search is

I’m also trying to build up a little bundle of vouchers so I can have a splurge on new outfits for content for the site so any little helps!

I can’t remember what else I had to tell you guys!

Oh! I’ve been on Streamate quite a bit recently – I’ve caught the camming bug haha – but I know we haven’t had a chat for a while. There’s just been so many problems with it that I don’t think it’s fair on you guys to keep wasting your time. BUT I was thinking of giving everyone a FREE 30min Skype videochat. Don’t all rush to add me at once though, if you email me ( and give me your username for the site then we can organise a date/time for the chat :)

Right, I’m off to give Nige a cuddle and eat some faaaaaajittttttas!

Byeee xx[/hidepost]

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