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Offline Sara Willis

« on: January 24, 2013, 04:00:37 pm »
22 October 2012, 2:06 pm


Sorry it’s been ages since any updates.

[hidepost]I’ve had a fair few things going orrrrn lately – including a move, a split and a visit.

I’ve had to change my lickle plans slightly to accommodate something that I’m hoping will still happen BUT I think you kids will be tremendously happy with the outcome(s).

The shoot I thought was happening on my trip to the UK I doubt will happen for a while as I can’t get hold of the photographer. Which is great. But he’s always ridiculously busy so I’m probably right at the bottom of his list!

I wish I could tell you all my plans but things have a tendency to never pan out when I tell people what I plan on doing. So for now I wanna keep it a bit hush hush.

I’m going to Engerrrland soon for my friend’s wedding. I’m so excited I could burst! I’ve got so much planned for while I’m there content-wise. AND I may or may not have a friend joining moi. But I won’t say who. Bwahaha! I think you’ll love her, I do. She’s fucking amazing. The only thing I’m worried about is that the content will look funny because compared to me she’s super tall haha

I’m hoping (HOPING) (it all rests on something else going to plan…) that I’ll be heading out to California again verrrry soon too. I’m trying my hardest not to get too excited about it because like I said before things tend to never work out when I do! I’m not being negative, just stating a fact – I have shit luck! BUT if it DOES happen…Oh boy are you lot in for a TREAT. And so am I as I’ll be going to a zoo to see some pandas. FINALLY.

I’ll be going back to England again in December for some Crimbo shopping and to see some friends so if the shoot doesn’t happen on this first trip I’m hoping it’ll happen in Dec. So, fingers crossed!

Then next year. Oh next year. 2013. OH YOU KIDS. You have NO idea what I have planned :D



That’s all you’re getting. Sorry!


I can’t remember the last time I blogged so I’m just gonna blog about the past month or so.

We finally found a house suitable for everyone (we’re a picky bunch). I love it. I have my own mini house. It’s kind of like a small bungalow – they call them casitas over here – and I adore it so much! I know people will take the piss but I’m a wimp. I don’t like being alone in a house/flat and I get really scared. I don’t know why I get like this but I’ve been like it since I was a teenager. Once, when I was 14, my parents took my brother shopping and I got so scared that someone was downstairs that I barricaded myself into my room. Such a weirdo! I want to try and get over it and “teach” myself to live alone – believe me I KNOW how ridiculous this sounds considering I’m twenty fucking six – but I don’t want to get my own place and be so scared I spend every night sleeping on my parents couch. So this seemed the perfect solution. It’s kind of hard to describe. You know those big mansions that have maid’s quarters? Kind of like that. No. Not like that. Argh. It’s basically a small bungalow out the back. I’ve probably undersold it here but hey ho.

I was a bit sad when we first moved in because during the move I lost one of my birds – Trevor. :(  We were parked up and I was sat in the back with the dogs. They saw a puppy and tried to jump out to chase it, Nigel managed to jump on Mum’s lap. She was holding the birds in a travel box, Nige stamped on it and Trevor managed to fly out the window. I cried like a complete baby all the way to the new house. I know it’s JUST a tiny bird but I get so attached to animals and I felt so sad for him because his breed were bred in captivity and I kept imagining him wondering what the hell he was meant to do :( . You lot probably won’t believe any of this next bit but I swear to whatever the hell you want that it’s true! Jay Z (my other one) was SO depressed without him – he wouldn’t sit on their swing (they used to huddle up together on it at night), he’d sleep in one of the food bowls, he didn’t sing for DAYS and he found (SERIOUSLY) one of Trevor’s feathers (I swear to GOD this happened) and (I’m laughing but this DID happen) shook it in his mouth and scraped it against the bars of the cage. Poor git. I got him a friend the other day, some beige one that turned out to be a girl, and you really don’t have to guess what I called her. I think they love each other though, they keep snuggling together. I’m hoping they have 2 babies so I can call them Blue and Ivy. I’m not joking I really would call them that.

I really wouldn’t be surprised if one day Beyonce got a restraining order against me. It’ll be in The Sun and they’ll ridicule me for naming my birds after her and her family.

I started this blog before I went out and now I’m back I’m finishing it.

Inbetween that time I’ve had some excellente news. IT’S ALL GOING ACCORDINGLY.

I’ve kinda lost my train of thought now so I’ll see you later.


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