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Offline Sara Willis

« on: January 24, 2013, 04:00:36 pm »
21 July 2012, 2:02 pm

Hello Kids

Well I have got a FEW things to tell you.

Expect to hear a lot of blogs/Tweets from me over the coming week as I’m going to be living like the guy from Misery.

[hidepost]Last night on the way back from walking the dogs – only around the corner from home – I somehow slipped on a bit of rubble. As I went down my right ankle bent outwards and I heard it crack. Then I fell to the floor and sort of slid a bit scraping my entire left leg riiiight up to my arse cheek. My ankle went numb, I mean totally numb, it was flopping about (because it was numb) and my instant reaction was “Fuck, I’ve fucking broken it, omg”. But then the searing pain started and I couldn’t even speak it hurt so much. I couldn’t get up so Mum went to take the dogs back and get my Dad to carry me home.

Mum ended up getting stuck with the dogs trying to fight our neighbour’s dogs so I somehow managed to hobble my way back home.

I cried. It hurt. Dad put me in some strapped sock thing and told me not to move.

So there I was stuck in bed til I got bored and thought it was fine to walk on. It wasn’t.

I’m so bored already. It’s not even been a full 24hrs yet and I’m bored. Dad thinks it might take a week to heal. Which is fun. Great fun.

Stuck indoors in a house with no aircon in sweltering heat for a week by myself. EXCELLENTE.

This week has actually been beyond shit for various reasons but I’ll only tell you the main ones because I like to keep secrets. Someone once told me I was like a clam that never let anyone in. I don’t know if that’s totally true, I just know what I can and can’t tell certain people. I’m a choosy clam.


Yeh so. Let’s start from the beginning.

Monday. The laptop stopped working. And by stopped working I mean it came on for 5 seconds then went off. So we took it to the local IT guy who said we needed a new charger (our 3rd or 4th since we got here btw). We took it home and found everytime the charger was plugged in the touchpad stopped working. And by stopped working I mean was jittery until the point it just froze. Which is useful.

I’d also felt ill for the past few days – too much sun, not enough proper food methinks. I felt sick, dizzy, tired and had a booming headache.

Tuesday. We went back to the IT guy. He exchanged it for a new charger and off we went on our merry way. Got home and oh look none of the charger pin things fit our laptop. So that fucked that one.

Wednesday. We had to wait for a new charger. While walking the dogs Nigel yanked and the lead scraped the skin on my fingers off a bit. That was nice. I think this happened Wednesday, I dunno. All the joys just blend into one.

Thursday. Collected another charger. Did the exact same thing to the touchpad. I think today was the day Nigel almost broke my nose. I was playing with him and he chucked his fat head up and straight into my nose. I heard a massive crack (another crack, woo) and thought he’d genuinely broke it. THE PAIN.

Friday. Went back (again) to the IT guy who said there’s probably a problem with the laptop rather than the chargers. He said to try the charger over the weekend and bring it all back on Monday. Which is joyous. Then the whole omfg-I’ve-fucked-my-ankle thing happened.


I really need a new laptop. I keep saying this and keep saying I’ll buy one but whenever I get the money to buy one something else pops up that’s more important and I never get round to it.

If you kids have any suggestions on a new laptop please let me know. I don’t want a Mac.

The laptop problem is why I’ve not been able to upload anything this week. It’s actually fucked my plans up big time.

To work I need a laptop. To earn money I need a laptop. So I need to buy a new laptop. But I can’t buy a new laptop with no money. And I can’t earn more money as I don’t have a laptop. So I’m kinda stuck in this crappy little cycle.

I don’t have a “normal” job which has regular money coming in or a set wage. It changes week to week. Some weeks I get more than I expect, others I don’t even get paid when I’m expecting to get paid.

People don’t seem to realise that I’ve only worked for ONE site. I’ve been picky in the past – a lil too picky – I’ve turned down a LOT of offers because I don’t want to shoot for the sake of shooting. I want to only work for people who produce quality stuff. So unlike other girls I don’t have that other income coming in.

My entire income revolves around a poxy laptop and when this poxy laptop doesn’t work I can’t work.

I know a lot of you get pissed off with me. I get that, I would too. But I’m honestly not making excuses to be lazy. Its taken me since 11.30 just to write this bit by bit while I try to fix this laptop without any success.

I know I’ve said before that it’s just me doing all this but some of you need to remember that it genuinely is JUST ME. I don’t have a backlog of content behind me, I fucking wish I did. It’d make my life a hell of a lot easier if I did.

So I’m sorry you’ve not have much content this month.


Once I’m back earning I’ve got some big plans for you kids.

I’ve got a couple of photographers lined up to shoot some professional content (FINALLY!) and I think you’re all going to love the outcomes.

This has been a pretty depressing blog. Give me a break – I’m fucking miserable here!!

I’ll post some cheerier ones this week – pinky promise :D

Love you all (even you grumpy bastards who are mean to me) (especially you lovelies who have always been supportive)

Mwahhhhh xxxx

PS. Imma need you all to cheer me up btw, this busted ankle means I can’t do any squats/lunges for a while so I’m sad my arse might shrink :(  waaah


PPPS. My ankle hurts :’(

PPPPS. I’m really gutted I can’t go and watch The Dark Knight Returns. We don’ have a cinema ANYWHERE near us so I’m going to have to “wait” :(  I’m so excited about it though. And no, it’s not just because Tom Hardy’s in it. Although it IS a little bit because he’s in it, but not JUST because. I’ll shut up now.

PPPPPS. Bye x[/hidepost]

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