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Offline Sara Willis

« on: January 24, 2013, 04:00:36 pm »
21 June 2012, 5:15 pm

[singlepic id=2669 w=320 h=240 float=left]  Hello.

Today has been a fucking odd day.

[hidepost]When you flash your mammary glands for a living every now and then you’ll get a shitty day. A shitty day where you’ve had one too many wankers tell you what they’d like to do in unnecessary detail to said glands, where you’ve seen one too many photos of your face, where you’ve seen one too many awful photos of your face, where you’ve had one too many people ridicule you, where you’ve had one too many thoughts about people you don’t want seeing your boobs actually seeing your boobs somewhere on the intawebz. Today has been one of those days. And on these days you want to delete everything, pretend it never happened and go back to being a normal human being.

But then tomorrow comes and you’ll see an alright photo of yourself (maybe even two), you’ll get some nice comments, your IBS or Psoriasis aren’t so bad, you forget that long-lost family members can see your nipples at the click of a button, you can ignore the arsewipes talking bollocks to you and you have a laugh taking some photos of yourself.

Some days this “industry” (not that I’ve ever felt a part of it if we’re being totally honest here, I’ve always felt like the trampy fat 2nd cousin trying to shove her fat self into the shadows in the hope of some limelight) I fucking HATE all of it. I really do, everyone and everything fucks me off. I’m so sick of seeing my own fucking face it winds me up looking in the mirror. And that’s not an insecurity thing, I’m genuinely SICK of seeing my own face. I swear to God if I ever stopped modelling I’d refuse to ever look at another photo/video of myself or mirror ever again! On those days I hate knowing there’s hundreds of photos of me all over the internet. And it’s even worse when you see the worst photos you’ve ever taken get plastered all over Tumblr. WHY DO YOU ALWAYS STEAL THE SHIT ONES? Like COME ON. And I swear to God, if I EVER see that fucking photo of myself bent over in the mirror wearing stockings looking like Bugs Bunny on crack I will smash something. My GOD am I sick of seeing that – and yet you all seem to love it? WHY?!

But then there are awesome days where I love all of it.I’ll sit there and think “Look, there is NO coming back from this, who really gives a fuck? Milk it for all it’s worth while you can”. That sounds bad. There’s no better way to put it though.

You guys know what I mean.

To TOTALLY change the subject we saved a baby bird today. There’s a nest in the roof of our porch and one fell out. The poor bugger broke it’s leg in the fall so we took it to our vets. He’s amazing and he strapped his tiny little leg up in a bandage. I nearly puked, it was disgusting, the bone was sticking out and he kept popping it back in and stretching the leg. UGH. He told us we had to put it back in the nest as he’s really young but warned us that he might get rejected because of the bandage and that he may get shoved back out of the nest. Which he did :(  But the vet told us how to care for him and he’s now in a nice mixing bowl covered by my woolly hat in a nest made of tissue. We’re feeding him ants. I’ve named him Eric. I think he’s awesome. I hope he’s a boy otherwise he’ll grow into a very girly Eric.

Nigel ran away today for half an hour. I think he’s going through his teenage years early. It’s his birthday in 7 days and I said he can’t have a party so he threw a strop and ran off. I’m definitely getting him trained soon.

I baked some coconut and blueberry cupcakes yesterday and they were delicious.

It’s very hot in Spain. Too hot. I MISS THE RAIN.

I have nothing else to say.



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