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Fansigns busty babes with big tits
« on: August 21, 2011, 07:00:28 am »
Fansigns busty babes with big tits
20 August 2011, 6:00 am

TweetWe have many busty babes that decided to do fansigns for our big tits blog. We are very happy and proud of having all these sweet sexy girls with big tits keeping a paper with written “I love” or similar phrases.

Venera, aka Busty Venera, aka Sexy Venera that is often on webcam, and Casssidy with her really big tits. Glasses girls

The two very busty old times friends Micky 36J Boobs, and Alicia Loren 36JJ (Simpatique)

Tegan Brady, a lovely busty teen and Busty Merilyn aka Anya

Other 2 busty babes from UK: Terri Jane 34K and Dors Feline (really huge tits)

We insisted doing interview to other two UK busty girls:

Sara Willis (aka Sara Aurora) and Miss Intrigue 30 J

And other two incredibly busty girls taht I know since year 2000: Taylor Stevens and Alessandra Derya (aka FAITH)

To some girls that created a special fan sign for our big tits blog, we  also done some great interviews, cause we really like to know better the  models that we post on our blog. We are not here just to “vouyeur”  their big tits. We like them as WOMEN mainly than for their huge tits. I  like the fact that the impressive perfect models can be really down to  earth and is possible to directly comunicate with them. This is a  miracle that is possible thank to Internet. Some years ago we were used  to admire busty models on magazines and was impossible to have a direct  contact with them.

Here are SOME of the busty babes that you can directly comunicate with. I suggest you to contact them ;)

What is a fansign? We can get the info from Urbandictionary:

Fansign: A picture taken by one friend for another friend. These kind of pictures  include a piece of paper (any form), body part, and/or inanimate object  with writing on it.

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