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Auction Help

Boob Mad Auction Help

The auction system is intended to help Boob Mad Models sell their sexy products to Fans in a safe and liberal environment. We keep on having our ebay listings removed or voided. That won't happen here as long as what you are selling is legal.

There are 3 sections
  • Bids - the auction system, like a simple ebay for BoobMad people!
  • Shop - where your credits* live. You earn credits by posting and interacting on the Boob Mad Forum.
  • Trader - Feedback in a seller's or buyer's profile. eg Lorna Morgan Profile.

* Credits are used to pay for auction listings (and some other fun functions of the Boob Mad Forum).

How does it work?
  • Only certified Boob Mad Babes will be able to set up a listing.
  • There is a cost for the auction which you can pay a monthly fee or else use credits that you get by posting and interacting on the BoobMad forum.
  • Your fans also get credits by posting and interacting, and they can send credits to their favourite model as a gift to add a listing.
  • Bids are legally binding - yada yada ...

Certified Boob Mad Babes automatically get 600 credits - enough for two listings. After that they can pay for listings by using accumulated credits from their own posts, those donated by their fans or by paying a subscription.

Start at the Boob Mad Bids Auction Pages

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