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questionWelcome to @boobmad

Lorna Morgan
January 24, 2012, 07:31:18 am by Lorna Morgan
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A little information about Bobbia

My name is Bobbia and people always ask me where the hell the name came from.   I used to go by Claudia and then Bobbi at the last club I worked at, one of my girlfriends jokingly combined the two names into Bobbia and I liked it.   So it’s pronounced as Bobbi-uh.   :D 
    I live in beautiful southern California and have been here for a few years now, and am originally from New Jersey(SOUTH Jersey, mind you.   So no Jersey Shore accent sorry!)   I’m 5’10”, 34DD, blonde-haired, blue-eyed and you can find me on!!

Dailymotion - Online Videos, Music, and Movies. Watch a Video Today!

Dailymotion - Online Videos, Music, and Movies. Watch a Video Today!

Dailymotion - Online Videos, Music, and Movies. Watch a Video Today!

blogKarina's Naughty Stockings

January 23, 2012, 10:01:09 pm by Score
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Karina's Naughty Stockings
23 January 2012, 4:30 pm

Karina's Naughty StockingsKarina's Naughty Stockings

From the front, it looks like Karina is wearing a simple, very-low-cut top and a simple pair of tights. Nothing unusual, other than Karina's natural beauty and natural big tits (which make any top she wears look extraordinary). But then, Karina stands up and turns around and whoa! That's not a pair of tights! It's a stocking! And Karina, it looks like you forgot something. Like your panties! "I didn't forget," Karina said, giggling. "I like it this way." We like it, too, and wouldn't you love to grab Karina's stockings and tear your way into her ass, bury your head in her ass crack, slap those cheeks, spread em wide and lick her asshole without even taking her stocking off? "That is the whole idea, isn't it?" Karina sa...

blogBianca Bloom

Big Boob World
January 17, 2012, 07:00:30 am by Big Boob World
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Bianca Bloom
17 January 2012, 12:36 am

I love to see busty babes go topless outside and these pics of Bianca Bloom  are very cool. She has some huge natural breasts and she has no problem at all wandering around with her top off so we get a tremendous view. Bianca is part of a website called Divine  and I can see why she is a member. Her big boobs  are quite divine and she is also very beautiful. The black dress Bianca is wearing with her big tits hanging out is my favorite. She looks so sexy laying around the pond relaxing, ready to spend some quality time with a big boob lover like me. And look out guys on the fire line! When Bianca shows up to help fight the fire in her sexy suspenders, not much work is going to get done. With big breasts  like her's let loose, t

blogThe Official Miss V

Big Boob World
January 04, 2012, 07:00:30 am by Big Boob World
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The Official Miss V
4 January 2012, 12:57 am


Miss Dangerous is my personal nickname for the super sweet and beautiful Miss Voluptuis. As a webmaster who spends a ton of time on the web browsing for the best big boob babes, I have to be very careful when Miss V turns on her webcam. Every time I see her on,  I become transfixed by her sheer beauty and awesome huge breasts. The next thing you know, all my evening work stops and my eyes are glued to the laptop screen as I anxiously await to see if she will pull her top off and give us all a peek at her gorgeous perky nipples and large supple breasts.
Miss Voluptuis  is always willing to please her fans and after some teasing and chatting, she happily bares her tits! Just look at these amazing screen shots of her delicious boobs! You don't want to miss out seeing her play with her huge tits live on cam. Miss V really knows how to handle her breasts in a way that gets me extremely horny and excited. My favorite thing she does is when she gently slaps her boobs and then pulls and tweaks her nipples so they stand erect. Oh my! What a turn on, I love it!

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